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Press Release14 May 2020

RedDoorz Launches “Hope Hotline”: A Mental Health Support Programme for Employees, Hotel Partners and Industry-at-Large

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  • The company continues to amplify its regional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative "Red Heroes" by introducing "Hope Hotline", a new mental health support programme to help employees, its hotel partners and their staff manage the emotional and psychological stress caused by COVID-19 realities.
  • "Hope Hotline" is made available in Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Singapore - RedDoorz, Southeast Asia's largest and fastest-growing online hotel management and booking platform, today announced that it has launched "Hope Hotline" as part of its regional CSR initiative. The new programme acknowledges the different psychological challenges arising from COVID-19 situation and offers to support the mental wellbeing of its employees, hotel partners and their staff by providing online counselling sessions through RedDoorz's partner counsellors and psychologists.

As people adjust to the new reality created by the pandemic and learn how to cope with a range of mobility restrictions and sudden changes to their everyday lives, feelings of fear, anxiety and stress can emerge and negatively impact the mental wellbeing. According to a study conducted in China during the initial outbreak of COVID-19, 53.8 percent of respondents rated the psychological impact of the outbreak as moderate or severe[1]. Furthermore, a Qualtrics research of over 2,000 employees including those in Singapore, has shown that employees have been reporting lower mental health since the outbreak began[2].

"The ongoing pandemic has resulted in immense stress on our economies, healthcare systems and people. As COVID-19 continues to restrict mobility and the immediate outlook remains uncertain, many of us could be experiencing negative emotions detrimental to emotional and mental wellbeing. This is especially relevant for professionals working in the travel and hospitality industries who have also been subjected to many job-related stresses as the pandemic has caused major disruptions to businesses and people's livelihoods. Through "Hope Hotline", we stand in solidarity with our employees and hotel partners and want to play an active role by helping them embrace the new normal more easily. We hope the counselling sessions will provide much needed relief, and spread positivity and optimism," commented Amit Saberwal, Founder and CEO, RedDoorz.

In light of the mobility restrictions, RedDoorz has partnered with certified counsellors and psychologists across the region to conduct free counselling sessions remotely through online platforms for all RedDoorz employees and its hotel partners' staff. RedDoorz is partnering with KALM, a Jakarta-based online health platform, to make the programme available in Indonesia. In the Philippines, the company works with individual psychologists to provide video counselling sessions.

Lukas Limanjaya, one of KALM's Co-Founders, said, "We are glad to be able to provide RedDoorz Indonesia employees with online counselling to support the mental health of their people. As we know that the whole world is collectively going through a traumatic experience because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has not just cost a heavy physical toll to the infected, but also an enormous mental cost for everyone else. This is why KALM applauds RedDoorz for its effort to take care of its workforce holistically. It is our hope that other companies will follow suit the pioneering steps that have been taken by RedDoorz because mental health is as important as physical health."

As part of its "Hope Hotline" programme, RedDoorz will also host a complimentary webinar for all professionals working in the travel and hospitality industry during the last week of May. The webinar will feature a panel of certified counsellors and psychologists who will impart essential skills and tips on managing daily stress while maintaining emotional wellbeing during this difficult period. Interested individuals can already sign up via:


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