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External Article25 May 2020

How We'll Travel This Summer

Our Editors On Why Summer 2020 Is One Worth Looking Forward To

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Travel this summer will be radically unlike what we've done in years past. But with temperatures rising, and national parks and theme parks slowly reopening, there's a glimmer of hope in the air. We might not be able to do that annual Europe trip or get the whole extended family together overseas, but there is still plenty to look forward to.


If these past few months have taught us anything, it's that with a little creativity and a lot of pent-up energy, even the smallest of journeys can be thrilling. Biking one neighborhood over can be a revelation. Even a day hike promises new sights and sounds. Our backyards and balconies, tired as we may be of them, present new possibilities in the light of summer—from barbecuing to creating a beach day away from the crowds. Over the coming months, we'll likely inch a little further afield, too, as some forms of entertainment and escape are back on the table, from drive-ins to private cabins in secluded destinations, and more.

Below, our editors on how we'll travel this summer—and why we're looking forward to it.

We're investing in bikes

After years of living in Brooklyn and fantasizing about owning a bike, it only took a global pandemic to shock me into buying one. I have not looked back. With strict lockdown rules still in place and public transport off the table for non-essential workers, bikes have become both a source of exercise and the only real means of getting around. Finally, weekend activities are no longer confined to walking distance.

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