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External Article25 May 2020

Overcoming Fears and Trepidation: Helping the Corporate Traveler Get Back On Board

It’s becoming increasingly clear there’s no one-size-fits-all method to restart corporate travel, as companies will need the right combination of internal processes, government approvals, and traveler sentiment. It could be a long wait.

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The foundations have been laid. Supplier sanitization programs and protocols are now working their way into travel agency COVID-19-ready platforms, policies and frameworks — but is the corporate traveler ready?

That's the question travel managers are asking themselves from the sidelines as they watch countries reopen their borders.

Travel managers certainly aren't lacking the resources to get employees moving safely and securely again. Consultancy Festive Road is offering them a free travel framework to help tick all the right boxes. "As a team we pooled our 'hive-mind' collective knowledge and worked with our outsourced travel program clients to fine tune a Permissible Travel Programme to help our sector prepare for the return of business travel," the company said.

FCM Travel, meanwhile, is launching new content almost daily for its clients, and has made a new interim travel policy downloadable. Its corporate traveller division also hosts five-minute sessions with suppliers, asking them how they're preparing for business travel to return.

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