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External Article29 June 2020

Rethinking Skift’s 2020 Travel Megatrends in a Pandemic World

Right before coronavirus brought the travel industry to its knees, we released our Megatrends Defining Travel in 2020. We’ve gone back and looked at those trends through the prism of the pandemic. Check out how things have changed.

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Skift started the year excited for the release of Megatrends Defining Travel in 2020, our latest annual team effort identifying and interpreting the key trends for the travel industry. We accompanied the digital and print release of our megatrends with six presentations around the globe in late December and January,


Then our world came to a standstill, paralyzed by the devastation of coronavirus. Nothing was going to be the same.

Six months into this pandemic, we decided to look back on those megatrends to try to offer you some guidance on how Covid-19 upended those trends, or how it simply didn't for some, even creating opportunities.

Here is how we see the future of travel in 2020 now, compared to pre-pandemic (the original trends are linked).

As our founder Rafat Ali noted back in January before this tragedy: "The world has changed as Skift has grown into travel's premier intelligence brand helping companies decipher and define trends. So too has the balance of power shifted among travel's biggest players. These are the Megatrends that will determine the fate of the travel sector in a complex and ever-changing global marketplace."

We will stay committed to that message, covering the evolution of these trends as travel moves forward to find its footing in a world we could not have ever anticipated six months ago.

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