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External Article30 June 2020

You Won’t Believe How Many Airlines Haven’t Survived Coronavirus. How Does It Affect You?

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Although things have been starting to pick back up in travel, it's no secret that the airline industry has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The International Air Transport Association is saying that global losses could reach billions of dollars, and last month, the aviation consultancy CAPA predicted that "most airlines in the world will be bankrupt" without help. There has even been talk of American Airlines' demise.

What's shocking is to witness just how many airlines have folded or filed for bankruptcy during the coronavirus pandemic. And even for airlines that are still in business, it's not great: A recent study says that US carriers have given out $10 billion in vouchers due to the pandemic.

Here, we take a look at some of the biggest coronavirus-related airline casualties around the world. We also provide some helpful tips about what happens to your tickets and your travel miles if your airline goes into bankruptcy or goes belly up.

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