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External Article28 July 2020

The Future Of Affordable Travel

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(CNN) - COVID-19 has upended the way we travel.


Private jets, trips, tours and the like have been the go-to choice for those who can afford it, but where does that leave cost-conscious leisure travelers who also want to explore the world safely? Are there still affordable options in this ever-changing travel landscape?

The resounding answer, according to multiple experts, is yes.

"Travel has made great strides over the last 30 years to be democratized, and going forward post-pandemic, I would argue that it will become even more affordable," says Tom Lowry, the editor-in-chief of the travel news and research company Skift. "Travel companies are desperate for business and have good deals for group as well as individual trip packages."

John Lovell, the president of Travel Leaders Group, a network that represents 52,000 travel advisors who sell both affordable and luxury trips agrees with Lowry. "Demand for travel is light, and suppliers are offering value. I don't see prices being driven up higher in the next year," he says.

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