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External Article30 July 2020

Enforcement Of Hotel Industry’s New Face Mask Rule Is ‘On A Case By Case Basis’

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During a 1,800-mile road trip last month from Colorado to New York, Kelly Arthur and her daughter deliberately chose brand-name hotels that touted their COVID-19 safety protocols, from ramped-up cleanliness standards to policies on face masks and social distancing. Along the way, they were repeatedly disappointed by what Arthur says was a frustrating lack of follow-through.

At the time of their trip, virtually all major hotels required that employees wear face masks but stopped short of mandating that guests do the same, opting instead to simply encourage mask-wearing. That message was typically delivered through signage rather than direct intervention.

At The Jacquard, a luxury Denver property in Marriott's Autograph Collection, Arthur says she discreetly told an employee that it made her uncomfortable to see multiple other guests not wearing masks in the lobby. "I just wanted him to reiterate the hotel's own policy to them. He said that I should just stay six or ten feet away," she says.

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