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External Article30 July 2020

State Travel Restrictions During COVID-19: A Complete Guide

From Alaska and Hawaii to Florida and Maine, these are the states with travel restrictions.

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, travel restrictions are constantly emerging—and not just internationally. A decent number of state travel restrictions have come up, to help tame spiking numbers (in cases like Florida) and to preserve hard-fought decreasing infection numbers (as in New York). Some states have imposed a mandatory quarantine upon arrival; in other destinations, negative COVID-19 tests must be presented to enter.

Whether you're considering a short summer road trip, or looking to visit loved ones, we've rounded up every U.S. state with travel restrictions so you know how to prepare for crossing state borders. Of course, deciding whether to travel this summer is highly personal, and should take into account safety and other factors of personal risk, case count in your destination, and more. This guide is intended to answer just one of the many questions worth considering before hitting the road.

Read on for our complete guide to COVID state travel restrictions right now.

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