Lausanne - In a hotel environment strongly shaken by the COVID-19 outbreak, PrivateDeal reinvents a practice often overlooked by the industry: day-use bookings. This new service is part of a process of renewal and innovation driven by a profound paradigm shift within the hotel industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered customer expectations, both when booking and staying at a hotel. Hoteliers are being forced to adapt to better rebound. City hotels are particularly affected by these changes, especially due to the slowdown in business travel as well as an absent foreign clientele. A swift reaction incorporating those shifting demands is necessary. Some of the new needs include the reassignment of hotel rooms as ephemeral offices (home offices) or escaping urban crowds by booking a short stay during the day. In addition, the industry must now look to cater to a new local clientele, unable to fly abroad and interested in services integrated into hotel establishments. Such services include: spas, swimming pools, fitness rooms or even conference/meeting rooms. To better help hotels adapt their offer to this emerging demand, PrivateDeal is introducing a new day-use feature that allows hourly room or service booking and is available directly on hotel websites.

This innovative model affords customers the opportunity to book a room or service online for a short period of time during the day and pay based on the number of hours spent in the establishment. Behind the scenes, the hotelier has the freedom to choose which rooms and services he wants to offer for sale for day rental, for which duration and under what price conditions (fixed prices or flexible prices in smart negotiation).

"Today's customers are sensitive to a whole new range of hotel experiences, explains Isabelle Jan, co-founder of PrivateDeal. For the hotelier, day-use bookings are an excellent opportunity to optimize the profitability of his/her establishment while remaining as close as possible to customer needs."

About PrivateDeal SA

PrivateDeal SA is a Swiss company created in partnership with Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and providing a Smart Negotiation Solution for hotels. As a cloud based system setup directly on hotels" website, PrivateDeal allows guests to propose a price for a stay in response to which it will either accept or negotiate the offer through an AI-powered algorithm. The platform assists hoteliers in increasing direct bookings while better monitoring their pricing strategy through a demand-driven approach.

Matthieu Mauguin