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External Article28 September 2020

Hotel Contactless Tech: What Will Stick and What Won’t?

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Contactless technology is being adopted in hotels at breakneck speed to ensure safe operations. Not all tech is created equal though. Skift Research looked at what tech has the momentum to continue growing after the pandemic fades.

Contactless interactions have become crucial to the successful operation of a hotel during these times of crisis. Surveys are showing that guests want it, and hoteliers realize it. The result is a major jump in the uptake of contactless technology.

That said, not all technology is created equal, and that also goes for the various contactless tech solutions. Some tools have seen strong uptake in the past months, but might fade as the virus (hopefully) fades in the coming years. Other tech will continue to define how hotel guests interact with hoteliers for years to come.

We launched last week the latest report in our Skift Research service, Contactless Tech in Hospitality 2020. Below is an excerpt from this report looking at the future potential of different tools adopted by hoteliers. Subscribe to Skift Research for access to the entire report, and stay ahead of this trend.

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