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A degree in hospitality management can give you the opportunity for a career in a number of fields as it will provide you with the skills you need to work with the public, as well as be successful at supervising people underneath you.

While there is a wide range of employment options you can choose from when you obtain a hospitality management degree, explore the selection of positions according to your personality and interests.

Hospitality Jobs for Luxury Lovers

You are a great communicator who always goes the extra mile to anticipate the needs of those around you? Well, you might want to consider becoming a...

Luxury Travel Designer

A luxury travel designer works to hand-design travel experiences for their clients that they will appreciate. They take the trip design well beyond simply booking hotels and flights. Instead, they will personally discuss the upcoming excursion with clients to learn more about their desires for a particular experience and then planning a trip that specifically suits their unique needs.

These professionals know how to get doors open for their unique clientele. An art lover may get exclusive access to breathtaking museums or meet with well-known names in the industry. A wine lover will receive private tours at the most exclusive wineries in the world and have the chance to sample some of the best wine available.

Travel designers take everything a step further, connecting their clients with local guides and professionals, gaining them access to exclusive experiences, and putting together trips that surpass expectations.

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Hospitality Jobs for Technology Geeks

You are the type of person who loves to work with numbers and see how they can help build brands and create customer experiences? Well, you might want to consider becoming a...

Customer Relationship Manager

A customer relationship manager uses data to understand how customers interact with the business. This allows them to therefore understand what needs to be done to improve customers' impressions of the organization and therefore increase loyalty and retention. This job brings together hard data collected from customer behavior from a wide variety of sources including the website, email, live conversations, and social media to create a more complete picture of the brand's reputation and what needs to be done to create a strong user experience.

Those who want to thrive in this position will offer a strong understanding of data and analysis. They will understand how to drive sales growth through creating excellent customer experiences. Your hospitality training will prepare you to understand customer needs as you seek to improve customer retention and build the organization.

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Hospitality Jobs for Foodies

You enjoy sharing your love of delicious food and beverages? Well, you might want to consider becoming a...

Restaurant Manager

If leadership is your strong suit, then becoming a restaurant manager might be your calling. In this role, you will oversee all the operations from the kitchen to the front.

In a single day, you might:

  • Set up employee schedules
  • Create effective workflows
  • Verify you have safe working conditions
  • Check inventory and order supplies
  • Research dishes and update the menu
  • Optimize operations in the kitchen
  • Improve customer relations up front
  • Create and submit performance reports

Your ability to juggle multiple tasks each day will come in handy while acting as manager of a restaurant. Strong organization skills and interpersonal communication abilities are also important. You will need to act as a leader for your staff while providing customers with an undeniably excellent experience at every visit.

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Hospitality Jobs for Business Management Fans

You dig attending to the day-to-day administrative tasks to ensure that the business is functioning as it should? Well, you might want to consider working in...

Marketing, Sales, and Media

All businesses require marketing to improve their brand awareness and stand out in a competitive market. It is a company's marketing that will help them to gain market share and ultimately improve the process of any business. Jobs in marketing, sales, and media can entail a number of tasks from developing content, and sales media, to managing press releases and product launches. This type of job will require the ability to work well with staff, customers, and vendors, a natural sales ability, an understanding of different markets, and knowledge of different marketing media. Many of these skills can be learned in the courses needed to secure your hospitality management degree.

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Hospitality Jobs for Entertainers

You enjoy keeping everyone having a great time on their vacations and beyond, breathing life into their days and nights? Well, you might want to consider becoming a...

Event Planner

When you become an event planner, you will end up in charge of bringing everyone together time and time again. Your tasks will center around planning every aspect of events, large and small, to ensure people have an awesome time. As a part of your job duties, you will choose the right venue, bring in caterers and entertainment, and work with many other vendors along the way.

In order to make and enact a plan, you will need to work closely with the people who are trying to host the events. You will need to use active listening skills to dive deep into their preferences, so you can bring their vision to life. Then, you must use those skills to interact with venue owners and vendors, ensuring they can offer just what your clients need.

A strong ability to negotiate will also serve you well in this role. You may need to get vendors to work within your clients' budget and provide the right level of service. You will also benefit from having great organization skills, critical thinking abilities, and a love for talking with people.

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Hospitality Jobs for Hotel Aficionados

You enjoy keeping everyone having a great time on their vacations and beyond, breathing life into their days and nights? Well, you might want to consider becoming a...

Guest Relations Manager

As a guest relations manager, you will act as the main source of support for all the guests at the hotel. Your efforts will support the front desk staff in exceeding expectations at every turn. You may speak with the patrons after check-in, verifying their experience was up to par and gathering feedback for future improvements.

You will also need to respond to all concerns and complaints, providing prompt resolutions that keep guests satisfied with their hotel experience. Most of your correspondence will occur by phone or email, though in-person chats are needed from time to time as well.

No matter how you interface with your customers, you must be able to quickly present appropriate solutions to their problems. Your solutions should not only ensure their satisfaction, but also abide by hotel policies. Your communication skills will come into play through every phase of the process as you chat with guests and rely on expectations to the rest of your team.

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Hospitality Jobs for Health Enthusiasts

You enjoy keeping everyone having a great time on their vacations and beyond, breathing life into their days and nights? Well, you might want to consider becoming a...

Spa Director

As a spa director, you will ensure all your guests have the best experience possible at your wellness center. You may work at a resort, bed and breakfast, or standalone spa while in this role. Each day, you will be responsible for creating marketing materials, welcoming new clients, and providing phenomenal customer service.

As a part of your job duties, you may also:

  • Build and follow a budget
  • Recruit team members for open positions
  • Supervise employees to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Collect guest feedback and make key changes

You will also help all your guests find the services that best support their wellness goals.

To accomplish these tasks, you must have spectacular leadership abilities and terrific communication skills. Since you will need to handle competing tasks, you must also excel in critical thinking, time management, and organization.

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