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External Article16 December 2020

How The Biden Administration Could Enforce Labor Laws

U.S. labor attorneys expect the Biden administration will introduce labor laws and regulations similar to those under President Barack Obama.

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REPORT FROM THE U.S. - As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office in January, the U.S. hotel industry can prepare for the likely changes to come under his administration.

Hotel News Now reached out to U.S. labor attorneys to get an idea of what hoteliers can expect from the Biden administration over the next four years. While any legislation over the next two years will depend on how the runoff elections in Georgia for two U.S. senate seats turn out, there's still much Biden can do through department and board appointments as well as executive orders.

Joint-employer status

As president, Biden will have the ability in short order to reshape the composition of the five-member National Labor Relations Board, said Travis Gemoets, partner at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell. There's a vacancy now he will be able to fill with a like-minded candidate, and there will be another in August 2021.

"At that point, he'll have a three-to-two more liberal, progressive composition to the board," he said.

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