TigerTMS (http://www.tigertms.com) has launched iPortal – the affordable, App-less solution that provides branded hotel information, services and guest engagement simply by scanning a QR-code.

The development costs for traditional downloadable Apps are beyond the reach of the majority of hotels, and so TigerTMS has produced an online configurator whereby hoteliers can build their own solutions – with more functionality than existing Apps.

With a pedigree in Hospitality software development stretching back almost 40 years, and with over 18,000 properties worldwide using its applications on a daily basis, TigerTMS has a unique insight into the requirements of the market and has produced an accessible solution for the guests' own trusted device – their smartphone.

John Owen, TigerTMS CEO, said: "iPortal is built on solid research. Numerous surveys tell us that most guests do not like to download an App when they are staying at a hotel for one or two nights".

"Once guests scan the QR code they gain access to a rich set of features, including secure messaging, speed-dials to hotel departments, automatic checkout, hotel directory and a range of other services".

"For the Hotelier, it's a sales tool as well as a guest services tool. The QR-code can be placed into any collateral to promote the amenities the hotel has to offer. Furthermore, iPortal removes the need for in-house printed sheets or directories that are costly to produce and often require updating. iPortal can be quickly and easily updated without any cost, ensuring that guests always have access to up-to-date information".

iPortal is a simple technology solution for all of the Hospitality industry that enables a Covid-safe return to hotel stays. Hoteliers can take advantage of the 30-day free trial period to test and configure their own bespoke solution using the online configurator. Thereafter, a small monthly fee is charged commensurate to the size of the property.

"This is a game-changing solution for the new age in which we are living" said Owen. "It allows all property types an affordable and feature-rich guest services solution that was once only the preserve of the larger brands".

The iPortal Configurator is available to try at https://www.tigertms.com/iportalfreetrial or by contacting [email protected]

About TigerTMS

TigerTMS is a leading developer of applications and middleware solutions for the global Hospitality market.

With over 40 years industry experience, TigerTMS is probably the world's largest single supplier of communications and guest management systems, integrated voice and data solutions, as

well as BYOD solutions to the Hospitality industry. They provide world-class technology solutions to some of the largest and most prestigious hotel groups as well as hundreds of independent hoteliers.

For more information on TigerTMS go to http://www.tigertms.com or see our Linked In page https://www.linkedin.com/company/tigertms/

TigerTMS is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with regional satellite offices in the USA,Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Tanya Gardiner
Marketing Manager

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