In 2020, under the influence of COVID-19, Horwath HTL conducted a special Sentiment Survey on the Influence of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in February, June, September and December of 2020 and March of 2021.

By entering the second quarter of 2021, though the international pandemic situation is still severe, the domestic prevention work in China has entered into a stage of normalization. At the same time, with the relaxation of the traveling restrictions, the weather getting warmer, and large- scale development of the vaccination work, the market sentiment score has been greatly improved, reaching a peak of -14 since the outbreak. This number is even higher than that of the second half of 2019 when the pandemic hadn’t arrived. In particular, the sentiment scores of Hainan, Northwest, and Southwest regions, which are the domestic long-haul destinations now serving as the substitutes for the international destinations, are showing positive growth.

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