Leon N. Weiner & Associates, Inc. (“LNWA”), a mission-minded housing development firm in Delaware, and the Orlean Company, a developer of residential and commercial real estate in Ohio, announced the formation of a joint-venture, Retreat Hotels & Resorts (“Retreat”).

Retreat is a full-service developer, owner, asset manager, and operator of hotels and resort communities. Seeded with existing hotel assets and a robust pipeline of future projects under development, Retreat has a presence in Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Virginia.

The Board and management team have extensive experience in the sector, developing more than one half billion dollars in hospitality assets, representing brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Choice, and independent flags. Retreat’s Board of Managers tapped JJ Singh, former Director of LNWA’s hotel division, as its President.

“I’m thrilled to lead this new venture,” said Singh. “We have a fantastic team, an outstanding pipeline, and we’re well capitalized. In short, we’re well-positioned to deliver exceptional experiences for our guests and strong returns for our investors.”

The name Retreat has its roots in history, while also representing the hospitable culture the new company represents. LNWA’s first hotel asset, the Jekyll Island Club, had a long and storied history. In the 19th century, the Club became the preferred retreat for the most prominent families of American history including the Vanderbilts, Pulitzers, and Rockefellers. During the 20th century, the Club fell on hard times, but in 1985, LNWA transformed the property into the thriving resort it is today, welcoming guests from all around the world. The term Retreat embodies a place of privacy or safety—a refuge where travelers can escape, recharge, and leave invigorated and refreshed.

“Strategically, forming this hospitality company with the Orlean Company is an important step for LNWA. This business structure will allow the new firm to attract investment capital and support our core business: developing, building, managing and owning affordable multifamily rental housing,” said Glenn Brooks, President of LNWA. “Retreat Hotels and Resorts will build upon LNWA’s proud 36-year history of providing world class lodging experiences.”

“We’re proud to join LNWA in forming this new venture,” said David Orlean, President of the Orlean Company. “Like LNWA, our core business is multifamily and commercial development, with assets in the hospitality sector. Forming this joint-venture allows us to significantly grow our presence in the sector.”

About LNWA

Leon N. Weiner & Associates, Inc. (“LNWA”) is a mission-minded housing company based in Delaware and active in 10 states and the District of Columbia. LNWA and its affiliates operate more than 5,200 apartment units that serve people of all income levels. The founder, Leon Weiner, was an advocate of affordable housing and social justice. His dogged commitment to fair housing took shape in the 1950s when he planned, developed, and built the first racially integrated suburban subdivision in the Mid-Atlantic. The National Association of Homebuilders recognized him as the “conscience of the housing industry in America.” For more information, visit:www.lwna.com

The Orlean Company

Access to a good home is a vital piece of the American Dream. That dream prompted Arthur Orlean to establish The Orlean Company in 1954. He started with the construction of single family homes built with care. A high demand and reputation for quality drove steady growth.

In the sixties, The Orlean Company expanded into developing and constructing both conventional housing and HUD-insured, multifamily apartments. Since then, The Orlean Company has grown to become a leader in developing residential properties, commercial real estate, and rehabilitation projects. Today, the Orlean Company owns and manages more than 5,000 apartment units across 35 properties in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. For more information, visit: https://theorleanco.com/

About JJ Singh

JJ Singh is the President of Retreat Hotels & Resorts. Previously, Singh joined LNWA in 2015, where he served as the company’s Director of Hospitality and Investments and corporate Treasurer. Singh has developed new properties, managed existing assets, and raised debt and equity for all hospitality and resort community projects.

Singh holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a BA from the University of Virginia. He holds a Certificate in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management from Cornell University. He is a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) and a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Singh is the Vice Chairman of the Economic Development Commission in Arlington, VA. He is also a member of Arlington’s Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission and the Jekyll Island Foundation Board, in Jekyll Island, GA.

About Retreat Hotels

Retreat Hotels & Resorts turns striking visions into reality by developing, owning, and operating hotels where travelers can escape, recharge, and leave invigorated, and refreshed.

Retreat Hotels & Resorts has a three-fold mission:

  • Create an unrivaled guest experience, where guests return year after year.
  • Be a responsible member of the community and proactively protect and preserve the environment.
  • Provide a warm and inviting place to work where hard work, creativity, and ethical practices are rewarded--a place where employees want a career that can last a lifetime.

For more information, visit:www.retreathotels.com 

JJ Singh
Retreat Hotels & Resorts