Created as a consequence of COVID-19, CONTACTLESS TECH is at the heart of the paradigm shift that most industries, especially those in Travel and Hospitality have had to lean on to ensure their survival and avert the spread of the virus. The Guest journey comprising numerous round and square pegs has had to be re-imagined and at the same time dynamically re-engineered to cope with the fluidity and complexity of requirements and compliance needs of the new now. Technology has inevitably had to undergo change constantly, and at lightning speed, and customer investments are sometimes forcibly made to enable this industry to ride the trend, and comply with safety and customer requirements as well as deal with staff scarcity and rising costs.

All of these have shrunk and recalibrated the guest experience to fit the palm-of-the-hand, with nearly all the once human-centric touchpoints, becoming touchless. Some may say this development has turned this once service-oriented business, into what many might consider soulless…

During this pandemic, face-to-face human contact has been one of the casualties of our existence. As we emerge and learn to co-exist with COVID, how will that impact the contactless journey going forward? Will we experience another change where contactless tech becomes hybrid - with a dash or more of humanity thrown into the mix?

Panel champ Terence Ronson brought this up in our Information Technology world panel. Thank you to Juan Carlos Abello, Kathryn Murphy, Stanislav Ivanov, Max Starkov, Ulrich Pillau, Martin Soler, Ian Millar, Binu Mathews, Simone Puorto, Saikrishnan Ranganathan, Jos Schaap, Mark Fancourt, Michael Heflin, Michael Vargosko, MBA, and John Owen for sharing your views.

A special thank you to Nuvola, Inc for sponsoring this viewpoint.

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Jill Dassen
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