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BnBerry: A Partner to Help You Profit from the New Way Guests Book Travel

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Increase sales by 30 percent

As hotels look to cast a wider net and present their properties and inventory to as wide an audience as possible, they may find themselves working with new channels that have unique demands.

We’re talking about Airbnb, VRBO, and Flipkey — channels that many hoteliers didn’t even realize allowed hotels. But they most certainly do, and your hotel could be generating as much as an additional 30 percent in revenues by simply listing your inventory on these popular sites.

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple.

New rules, new adjustments

Hotels and resorts have decades of experience working with OTAs. However, when working with new channels, including alternative accommodation marketplaces like Airbnb, VRBO, and Flipkey, they may find themselves needing to make some big adjustments. While listing on Airbnb and similar sites can drive market share and revenue, it is not the same set of processes as listing with OTAs.

Indeed, if hotels wish to include the alternative accommodation marketplaces in their channel management strategy — and to take advantage of the 193 million annual bookings — they are going to need to understand the new rules and new requirements.

A partner to get you up to speed quickly

Hotels need to lean on the expertise of a trusted industry partner with years of experience working with the alternative accommodation providers. Hundreds of hotels nationwide have sought the expertise of BnBerry to help them maximize their investment of resources on these sites.

To obtain the fastest ROI, hotels need a partner with a proven track record that helps them handle the unique aspects of working with Airbnb, VRBO, and Flipkey.

Let’s have a look at the 4 keys to success for hotels wishing to expand their footprint and capture revenue for these new channels.

Listings with the right look and feel that convert

Although Airbnb has been expanding its platform to include hotels for nearly four years, the vast majority of the listings are still from individual homeowners.

Because of this, there is a certain look and feel that users of the platform have come to expect as they scroll through the listings. Of course, this unique user experience has become something that customers value, making Airbnb and similar channels a preferred option when booking any type of accommodation.

More than simply knowing the optimal number of pixels for an image, or the character limit for a headline, hotels need to understand how to better “fit in” among the more traditional listings on Airbnb, VRBO and Flipkey.

However, they need to stand out, too. While hotel owners need to present themselves in a way that follows suit on those sites, they still need to find a way to make the descriptions and photos of their properties’ amenities capture the attention of potential guests who might be casually browsing.

Indeed, what may have worked with a traditional OTA might not work with Airbnb.

Understanding these nuances of the alternative accommodation platforms is important for success. A partner like BnBerry, with years of working with such platforms, helps hotel owners reposition their content so that scrolls and clicks convert to paid bookings.

Spend less time updating with dynamic connectivity

When trying to update rates and availability, hotel owners may be accustomed to the systems used by the traditional OTAs. Of course, it’s no surprise that newer channels like Airbnb, VRBO, and Flipkey have their own way of doing things.

As a result, hotel owners quickly become frustrated when trying to navigate the new processes for something as simple as lowering a rate or making a property temporarily unavailable.

Hotels need a partner like BnBerry that maintains partnerships and integrations with hotel systems in order to provide dynamic connectivity. This allows the property owner to instantly change rates, update availability, and process reservations.

Keep up — and upsell — with communication channels that consumers demand

Another consequence of working with the alternative accommodation platforms is that the communication channels are completely different and often difficult to keep up with. 

For example, with traditional hotels, once a hotel room is booked online, there is usually a single email confirmation and that’s it. If the guest has questions after making the booking, they usually places a call to the toll-free number or uses the live chat system on the website.

However, on Airbnb and the other platforms, communication is usually much more frequent and is two-way directly with the property owner — not a customer care representative. This is because the typical Airbnb property owner does not have a front desk or concierge available 24/7 to check in guests upon arrival or answer guests’ questions during their stay.

As such, when guests have questions (“Where do I pick up the key?” “Where can I park?” et. al.), they communicate directly with the property owner and expect answers immediately. Communications escalate in complexity, as Airbnb includes the ability for the guest to send a text message to the property owner; that message is also visible on the website and a copy is also sent to the guest’s email.

Traditional hotels are unaccustomed to this type of communication. To be able to quickly handle this so as not to alienate guests,hoteliers can instead rely on a partner like BnBerry that can assume the role of contact center so that the guest can use the Airbnb communication channels they are accustomed to. BnBerry can handle and unify these communications seamlessly, offering a 100% percent response rate.

More than a simplified experience for both the guest and the hotel owner that reduces confusion and frustration, strong and frequent communications are also an opportunity to upsell the guest on additional amenities or services, delivering additional revenue.

Get paid faster

Many hoteliers and revenue managers are surprised to discover how the alternative accommodation providers process payments and remit them to the hotels.

Each platform has a different payment system: Airbnb sends payments on the day after the check-in, whereas VRBO sets up their own payment processing plan, which usually goes against traditional hotel payment policies.

These nuances require a tool that enables hotel owners to adjust their own payment systems to work within the restrictions of the payment systems of Airbnb, VRBO, and Flipkey.

Rather than navigate a new, complex system of payments, BnBerry handles this on behalf of hotel owners so that they can get paid quickly with no hassle.

How to Maximize Revenue Today

Traditional hotels and resorts, with years of experience and much larger inventories of properties, might find it frustrating to list on these sites.

The alternative accommodation providers built their systems for the average property owner: someone with zero hospitality experience who could quickly create a profile, present a property, find guests, and get paid.

However, hotel and resort owners can still join these sites and profit.

Hotels see nearly immediate ROI by working with a channel manager like BnBerry that has years of experience in dealing with the requirements, processes, and systems of Airbnb and the alternative booking platforms. BnBerry streamlines the process and enables hotel owners to start seeing new revenues in as little as a few weeks of implementation.

See how much production your hotel can gain from Airbnb.
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