Parminder’s passion for the hotel industry runs deep and this equates to a person who truly wants the best for hotel employees and their hotel guests. She also is deeply concerned regarding the proliferation of human trafficking and how it affects people’s lives and the lives of their loved ones. Please enjoy this intimate and personal discussion with Parminder Batra, CEO of TraknProtect.

About TraknProtect 

TraknProtect is a leading provider of safety solutions for the hospitality industry. TraknProtect is a real time location technology provider enabling hotels to harness the power of location data and integrate it into their safety and operations systems. TraknProtect provides enhanced safety devices (ESDs) for hotel employees through activation of a safety button integrated solution alerting security personnel to the location of employees in need of assistance. The platform provides additional access to real-time locations and data about hotel inventory, room service trays, and vendor activity on the property. With a strong focus on improving the safety and well-being of hotel staff, TraknProtect develops innovative technologies that enhance communication, enable real-time tracking, and deliver actionable insights. The company's solutions are trusted by major hotel brands and resorts worldwide, revolutionizing the way safety is managed in the hospitality sector.

Parminder Batra