As the voice hub for the hotel industry, Volara is expanding its proven integration with INTEREL to include this new, powerful and easy to use IoT device for environmental controls; Visit Volara Booth 5305 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Sept. 28 to 30.

Dallas - This week at HITEC Dallas, hoteliers can control INTEREL’s EOS thermostat by voice command. The IoT device for smart buildings leverages Volara’s secure integrations hub to respond to voice commands spoken by guests who seek touchless control over the guestroom environment. The joint solution expands on Volara’s existing integration with INTEREL and will be on display at Volara Booth 5305, September 28 to 30, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

Source: UniguestSource: Uniguest
Source: Uniguest

“We are very excited to make this integration with Volara available on our new EOS WiFi Smart thermostat,” said Florian Gallini, INTEREL CEO. “Together, EOS and Volara provide a powerful combination of energy management and voice-based customer engagement with no on-premises infrastructure required. EOS leverages its built-in IoT radios and environmental sensors to enable any hotel to be retrofitted as a Smart Building, all packaged into a single device that replaces an existing thermostat. Better still, it is very competitively priced. We can’t wait to see our customers’ reactions when they realize how this joint technology will help them operate more efficiently and deliver more personalized, contactless service.”

The new EOS WiFi Smart Thermostat turns any building into a Smart Building with its built-in environmental fusion sensor and IoT hub capabilities. It features a total of seven environmental sensors, amongst them a barometric pressure sensor, that will soon detect door and window openings. The built-in IoT hub consists of six different radios that cover all relevant wireless standards, such as a Beacon that can serve as part of an asset tracking or staff alert system; and a WiFi Signal Strength Sensor that can monitor the WiFi quality in every room. The thermostats are compatible with most leading commercial door locks, enabling alerts to be sent through the INTEREL pathway if a door is left ajar.

“We are pleased to expand on our existing relationship with INTEREL to further meet travelers’ demand for voice control over the hotel room environment,” said Dave Berger, Volara CEO. “This is especially important for safety conscious travelers who want to keep in-room touchpoints to a minimum. On the back end, the devices are easy for hotel staff or field technicians to configure and deploy. Whether the hotel is using an Amazon Alexa or a Google Nest Hub, the joint solution is easy for guests to use and hassle free for hoteliers to manage. Volara will continue to work with innovative partners like INTEREL to ensure guests and hoteliers alike have the benefit of voice based engagement and environmental controls.”

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Volara is THE provider of custom voice-based solutions for the hospitality industry. It’s the only provider of voice-based solutions to the hospitality industry with the Alexa for Business Service Delivery Designation from Amazon. Volara is also a launch partner of Alexa for Hospitality, Google’s Hotel Solution, and Google Assistant Interpreter Mode. Volara's proprietary software creates a hotel business tool atop the leading smart speakers and natural language processing platforms. Volara's proven best practices ensure high utilization rates and an optimal guest experience that creates personal and remarkable engagement with brands. Volara is the largest manager of Alexa and Google Assistant solutions in the enterprise today and over 20 million people have used voiced-based solutions powered by Volara. To learn more about Volara, visit


INTEREL provides the most integrated Smart Building controls and energy management systems to the hospitality and multi dwelling unit industry. INTEREL’s solutions range from networked thermostats for energy management, all the way to complete luxury room automation for lights, drapery, service requests, and more. Powered by INTEREL OS, the INTEREL solutions act as Smart Building infrastructure and offer an ever-growing list of integrations that keep on delivering additional value. INTEREL is deployed in more than 30 countries and used by more than 35 million guests and has offices in Dubai, Atlanta, Singapore, Munich and Milan.

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