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Above Property® Services (APS™), the industry-leading provider of innovative technology designed for the global travel industry and related verticals, will demonstrate its highly anticipated cloud-based microservices platform at HITEC 2022 in Orlando, booth 1307.

A true all-in-one system, the APS platform adopts a modular approach of seamlessly integrated components to create the perfect technology stack and ecosystem. Providing flexibility and the ability to scale infinitely, the solution frees travel and hotel companies from the limitations of legacy technologies. As a featured exhibitor at the event, which takes place June 27th to 30th, APS will be showcasing the entire suite of cutting-edge hotel solutions, including:


Far from being a stripped-down solution, Hotel in a Box combines everything independent hotels need to run their business (PMS, CRS, RMS, POS, CRM, Channel Management, IBE, Call Center, Content Management), all in one easy-to-use system that can be set up and running in minutes.

Distributed Reservation System ™

The heart of our system, the Above Property DRS (the new CRS), is a modern distribution platform suitable for the most complex properties, brands, and chains to grow the most profitable channels.

Revenue Management Optimization ™

APS has solved the issue with traditional Revenue Management systems that use data from the past to set future pricing and inventory parameters. Inline Revenue Management (RMO) allows real-time pricing and availability adjustments based on occupancy, seasonal trends, forecast, weather, booking pace, and competitive data.

Internet Booking Engine

The APS Internet Booking Engine is the fastest, easiest to use IBE in the industry, offering flexibility and simplified booking paths via our global DRS. The IBE leverages the full capabilities of the Above Property DRS, including all pricing features, restrictions, policies, payment methods, yielding, add-ons, groups, and packages.

Property Management System (PMS)

The APS Full-Service Property Management module recognizes the multiple roles today’s front desk personnel must perform. The user interface leverages Above Property’s vast library of open APIs to deliver real-time information in a clear and efficient design.

“APS believes that the future of the hotel and travel industry will be driven by better and more intelligent technology. We also believe in leveling the playing field for independent hotels,” explains Aaron Shepherd, the CEO, and Co-Founder of APS. “Technology isn’t just for the big players; it needs to benefit everyone. In the past, the promise of technology has left too many people behind, but finally, that’s changing. APS puts powerful tools in the hands of independent operators to quickly implement a full suite of features that result in lower costs, increased productivity, higher profits, and improved guest service.”

On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, hoteliers are eager to streamline operations and support teams with technology that allows staff to do more with less. Independent hotels, in particular, often lack the scale and resources that larger hotel brands benefit from. As a result, these properties fall victim to fragmented tech stacks, data silos, and inefficient workflows. APS enables operators to move beyond the constraints of legacy platforms to embrace a more agile, efficient, secure, and cost-effective future that is empowered – rather than limited – by technology.

“APS can work with, or replace, hotels’ existing tools and investments to unlock a modern approach to the traditional technology stack that allows independent hotels to create almost any application they need with deep functionality and performance potential,” adds Shepherd.

HITEC 2022 event attendees and media are invited to visit the APS booth #1307 to discover what limitless, future-proof hospitality technology looks like and how it can completely transform the travel and hotel industry.

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About Above Property Services (APS™)

Above Property® is leading the charge to deliver innovative, scalable, and services-oriented platforms for the global travel industry and other related verticals. We think differently, and we are constantly innovating. Above Property Services (APS™) offers the only platform that can evolve seamlessly in response to industry demands, with credit to a microservices architecture that empowers continuous development and refinement.

Built from the ground up, the APS ecosystem empowers continuous development and refinement of your critical business processes via a unique microservice architecture. Designed for performance, flexibility, security, and stability, the future-proof framework is up and running quickly, delivering a scalable, cost-effective solution that can work with or replace your existing tools and investments. APS is a platform that adapts to you – not the other way around.

Powering both large and small companies, we understand the industry's challenges in the past, and we have developed a platform that is suited for the future.

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