Source: FLYR (formerly Pace Revenue)

FLYR Labs, the pioneer of The Revenue Operating System® for airlines, is announcing the acquisition of Pace Revenue, the UK-based SaaS provider of industry-leading revenue optimization and commercial decision intelligence for hotel and lodging companies. With this acquisition, the companies' combined technologies will extend the capabilities of FLYR’s Revenue Operating System to hotels.

By offering total revenue optimization, cross-functional collaboration across commercial teams, and next-generation distribution capabilities, Pace and FLYR’s missions are aligned to help travel and transportation leaders achieve their highest potential. With this acquisition, FLYR will also accelerate the digital transformation of hospitality businesses and provide them with a vertically integrated platform for total commercial optimization.

Founded in 2016, Pace Revenue has grown rapidly despite hotels' challenging environment. Today, Pace Revenue is the platform of choice for more than 1,000 hotels, totalling over 120,000 rooms. The Pace Revenue platform is the first in the hospitality industry to evaluate price sensitivity and deploy real-time, micro-targeted pricing, enabling a bespoke strategy for each room, night, and lead time. Updating prices every hour, Pace has consistently driven industry-leading revenue outcomes for its hospitality customers.

Jens Munch, founder and CEO of Pace Revenue, says: “Our mission is to give power back to the supply side in the travel industry. We do this through a platform that gives them plug-and-play digital transformation and enables them to differentiate against their competition and OTAs. From the moment we first spoke with FLYR, it was incredible to see the alignment between our missions. By joining forces, we are building a truly transformative company in hospitality.”

Alex Mans, founder and CEO of FLYR, says: “The travel industry has been dominated by fragmented data access, rules-based pricing decisions that are configured by hand, and a general lack of innovation. In order to create frictionless customer experiences and maximize total revenue, airlines and hotels alike must accelerate their adoption of new technologies such as AI and advanced decision intelligence solutions. With FLYR's acquisition of Pace, we are poised to bring the best revenue performance to hotels just as we did for airlines.”

Industry leaders such as JetBlue Airways, Air New Zealand, Accor, and Wyndham have already partnered with FLYR and Pace to take advantage of their AI-driven revenue optimization.

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FLYR Labs, the pioneer of The Revenue Operating System, is focused on the relentless application of advanced and intuitive technologies that help transportation leaders unlock their highest potential. Its cloud-native software solution leverages deep learning technology, a cutting-edge form of AI, to provide ultra-accurate forecasting and actionable insights within one comprehensive user interface. With FLYR, travel and transportation companies can exponentially improve revenue performance, unify decisions across commercial teams, and build a more efficient experience for their customers. FLYR Labs is headquartered in California with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Krakow, and Amsterdam. To learn more about FLYR Labs, visit or follow @flyrlabs on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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FLYR is a technology company that is purpose-built for the travel industry. Leveraging deep learning, an advanced form of AI, FLYR is helping airlines, cargo, and hospitality businesses around the globe elevate their results. With FLYR, businesses are able to improve revenue performance and modernize the e-commerce experience through accurate forecasting, automation, and analytics. Learn more at For more information visit