Clockwise from top-left: Kristen Knapp, Daniel Pinheiro, Russ Criddle, Aimee Taylor, Gary Horton and Eric Danziger — Photo by Resolute Road Hospitality

50-year hospitality industry veteran Eric Danziger announced today Braintree Hospitality will be rebranded as Resolute Road Hospitality and expand into national third-party management services.

'Driven by a promise' to change the way owners think of their management team, Resolute Road Hospitality acts as a true partner, advocate, and fiduciary to the owner by applying the knowledge, resilience, and perspective they have cultivated over decades as owners. Resolute Road Hospitality's current portfolio encompasses 15 properties totaling 1,732 guestrooms with a robust growth pipeline.

What makes us different at Resolute Road Hospitality is our commitment to the owner. We offer the focus, attention, accessibility, and transparency that owners are entitled to but so often forego. The industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and owners are faced with countless challenges from labor constraints, erratic supply chains, and ever-evolving consumer demands. The team at Resolute Road has decades of experience and a truly unparalleled understanding of on-property operations that allow us to consistently outperform our competition.Eric Danziger, CEO, Resolute Road Hospitality

The leadership team led by CEO Danziger also includes:

  • Gary Horton as President
  • Daniel Pinheiro as Chief Business Development Officer
  • Kristen Knapp as Chief Investment Officer
  • Brittany Iverson as Chief People Officer
  • Aimee Tylor as Director of Operations

Other key members of the team include Kevin O’Neil and Richard Sprecher as VPs of Business Development, and Russ Criddle as CFO.

Resolute Road's detailed hands-on approach to all facets of hotel operations enables the team to maximize top-line performance while uncovering expense-saving opportunities for both full-service and limited-service assets. Our ‘think like an owner' mentality to hotel management makes us a true partner to our clients, allowing us to execute on their objectives while maximizing cash flow and, in turn, asset value.Daniel Pinheiro, Chief Business Development Officer

Resolute Road Hospitality will offer owners a full suite of services that are tailored to their specific needs, including asset management, revenue management, operations, acquisition and disposition advisory, human resources, and other corporate services. Leaning on their deep-rooted relationship with brands and vendors and the grit and tenacity of their team members, Resolute Road operates a client's hotel as their own. Their motto, 'Driven by a Promise,' is a commitment to deliver results to their clients.

About Resolute Road Hospitality

Resolute Road Hospitality is a Boise-based hotel management company 'Driven by a Promise 'to change the way owners think of a management team. Resolute Road Hospitality is a true partner, advocate, and fiduciary to the owner by applying the knowledge, grit, and perspective they have developed over decades owners to operate a property at its highest potential. For more information, email [email protected] or visit