Revenue management for hoteliers: discover why CRS & RMS integration is the key to success in 2023 — Source: Cendyn™

When it comes to revenue management, every hotelier needs to ask themselves – who owns your rates? While PMS was once the go-to source for revenue management, it can only show you part of the picture. Fully understanding and optimizing your search and booking data is critical for driving revenue and strengthening engagement with travelers. By integrating your CRS & RMS data, you can create a central source of truth for setting your rates – down to the segment level.

In this free webinar produced by PhocusWire in partnership with Cendyn, you will learn about the technology elements that form what Cendyn calls the “revenue optimization trifecta”, and why the future of revenue management starts with setting your rates. Leading the webinar are Cendyn’s vice president of product management, Kevin Duncan, and its vice president of product, Beatrice Robbins.

In this information-packed 30-minute video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Own your rates with CRS & RMS integrations
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes
  • Utilize new optimization metrics to measure success

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