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Hospitality is a data rich industry. From bookings, F&B reservations and on-property ancillary spend to social media interactions and email campaigns, hotels can collect millions of data points per year that need to be cleaned, consolidated, and organized to produce the valuable insights that lead to optimized guest engagement and higher revenue.

Relying on outdated manual methods to analyze data, such as Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets, is both incredibly time consuming and often inaccurate as the process is fraught with human errors, accidental duplicates, and other simple mistakes.

Hoteliers looking to improve business performance accurately and efficiently should consider implementing an automated business intelligence (BI) solution to clean and organize their data. Combining business intelligence capabilities with your CRM data, Cendyn CRM Analytics can provide a clear and accurate view of each guest, reveal trends and audiences over time, and deliver other transformational business insights.

Applying BI to real-life situations empowers your team to gain impactful, actionable intelligence about interactions with your brand and your customers’ needs as well as gaining a thorough understanding of critical pain points.

Gain insights with aggregated data

Most hotels use disparate platforms for daily operations, which makes it difficult to aggregate the data needed to gain insights and use it to make better-informed decisions. Knowing which guests make restaurant reservations, always travel with their family, or frequent your golf course is crucial for creating personalized communications and future offers that speak to each guest’s unique interests.

As we’ve seen over the past few years, modern guests have become accustomed to regular brand engagement including platforms that address them by their name and understand their unique preferences based on previous spend and other communications. When hotels send overly general messages not relevant to a guest, that guest is left disappointed and will most likely look elsewhere for more personalized and engaging travel experiences.

Only when customer data is gathered in one central location, can hotels see the big picture. They can see the history of each guest, their purchases, requests, preferences, and more, which are essential for effective personalized 1:1 engagement. Aggregated data can also reveal new audience segments that deserve attention. This advanced level of data analysis allows hotels to make better informed decisions when it comes to marketing and customer service.

— Source: Cendyn™— Source: Cendyn™
— Source: Cendyn™

Anticipate your guests’ needs

Utilizing CRM Analytics allows hotels to drill down into the details of each guest, including the ability to gain insights on various aspects of individual campaign successes (and areas for improvement) with pre-built campaign, profile, and stays dashboards. This allows you to monitor performance using the most updated information available and make changes when necessary to increase ROI.

In our increasingly competitive industry, personalized guest engagement makes all the difference between an ordinary stay and one that is truly exceptional. Hotels need to understand their guests in order to deliver those personalized, high-touch experiences that today’s customers expect through relevant communications as well as on-property experiences. Being consistent, showing your guests you know who they are, and delivering exceptional customer service to support that messaging is the best strategy for increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Connect your marketing team

The insights discovered through CRM Analytics are not only beneficial to your marketing team, but can also improve efficiencies throughout your organization, as you uncover a deeper understanding of how each marketing activity impacts overall hotel performance.

When your marketing team has access to this intelligence, they can become more active in decision-making, as they can see what has worked well in the past and can provide suggestions for future campaigns and operational changes based on guest requests.

CRM Analytics and its reports can help your departments work together as a single unit and ensure goals are aligned, instead of working as siloed entities pursuing their own objectives. By applying your BI to real-life situations, you can improve business performance by meeting the needs of every guest.

Cendyn CRM Analytics

With the addition of CRM Analytics, Cendyn’s eInsight CRM has simplified the process of transforming hotel organizations’ marketing data into actionable insights to help drive revenue, engagement, and direct channel share. By combining industry-leading business intelligence capabilities with CRM data, CRM Analytics delivers critical, transformational business insights in seconds. It enables decision-makers and hotel managers to track and visualize their KPIs and analyze hotel marketing data to get the deepest view of their campaign, sales, and customer data across all channels.

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