Chris Hall from Hotel Investor Apps introduces their hotel-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) software aimed at helping hoteliers enhance their business and increase profitability. Their ERP includes dashboards, a modern accounting and financial suite, business intelligence, and a mobile application with full functionality. The software addresses common challenges faced by hotel companies such as data silos, disconnected tools, and manual entry processes. It offers flexibility, scalability, and integration with existing tools, resulting in reduced manual entry and improved management efficiency. The mobile app keeps teams connected and minimizes organizational bottlenecks. The company operates globally, with a focus on North America, catering to various clients ranging from single property owners to management companies with a large number of hotels. The software is adaptable for both select service hotels and complex full-service resorts.

Those interested in learning more can visit booth #1147 at the HITEC Toronto.

About Hotel Investors Apps, Inc.

Hotel Investor Apps is the leader in hotel-specific cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning software. We are built on the fastest-growing ERP platform in the world, with over 3,000+ companies in the US currently using it. Our clients benefit from dozens of pre-built integrations to a suite of products that give you access to more automations and efficiencies. Our team is made up of hotel professionals in accounting, operations, finance, transactions and software.