The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) is now accepting nominations for the 2023 Top 25 Extraordinary Minds and the Marketing and Public Relations Lifetime Achievement Awards. Nominations are open now through Sept. 8, 2023, via the HSMAI registration page.

HSMAI’s Top 25 Extraordinary Minds honors exceptional Sales, Marketing, Revenue Optimization, or Distribution leaders in hospitality, travel, and tourism organizations for their achievements in the preceding 18 months. Selected by a panel of senior industry executives, “Top 25” awardees are high achievers who stand out through their creativity and innovation, cutting-edge campaigns and programs, triumph in challenging situations, and efforts that resulted in dramatic gains.

The Albert E. Koehl Award for Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Marketing and the Winthrop W. Grice Award for Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Public Relations recognize individuals who have spent a major portion of their careers in the hospitality and travel profession and have contributed to the betterment of the industry in a significant and lasting way over an extended period of time.

The HSMAI Top 25 and Lifetime Awards are part of the HSMAI Adrian Awards which celebrate excellence in travel marketing. This year, in the spirit of WanderLOVE, the event will highlight the stories of remarkable campaigns, ads, and experiences that sparked a love for travel, igniting a desire for exploration in travelers around the world.

Nominations are reviewed by a panel of industry experts selected by HSMAI from among its membership and/or Board of Directors. HSMAI selects judges who have demonstrated exceptional leadership ability and have outstanding knowledge of the hospitality industry. Nominations are scored on a scale of 1-10 for the results of their leadership for specific sales, marketing, and revenue management initiatives. See more information about the Top 25 and Lifetime Awards here.


HSMAI is a global organization of sales, marketing, and revenue optimization professionals representing all segments of the hospitality industry. With a strong focus on education, HSMAI leads the way in identifying and communicating trends in the hospitality industry. Operating as a leading voice for both hospitality and for the sales, marketing, and revenue optimization disciplines, HSMAI connects its members with customers. Founded in the United States in 1927, HSMAI is a membership organization comprising 5,000 members from 35 countries and chapters worldwide. HSMAI operates around the globe via regional boards of directors and staff. There are four regions: the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, with a Latin America region under development. Each region has geographic chapters and signature programs and services for association members. HSMAI has a Global board which is made up of delegates from each region. 

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