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Journeyable, the global accessible travel association, today announced the launch of its enhanced website, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards inclusivity for both travelers and travel suppliers. The site will be complemented by the new Journeyable App, launching next month and available in both the iOS and android stores.

At Journeyable, we recognize that the quest for accessible travel has evolved profoundly over the past three decades since the transformative ADA laws were initiated. Today, accessibility is universal. I know from personal experience that travelers of all abilities and requirements are often severely underserved by the tourism industry, and many are hesitant to travel due to their circumstances. The opportunity to serve this community is enormous which is why we enhanced our website and will soon launch the Journeyable App. Journeyable co-founder and long-time accessibility advocate Fred Maahs

In an era when digital exploration has opened new horizons for planning and booking travel, Journeyable offers up qualified experts to help guide both the public and private sectors in creating and improving travel offerings that will meet the unique needs of today’s accessible traveler. Supported by an extensive global network of experts in travel and accessibility, Journeyable is poised to transform the travel landscape for countless individuals, businesses, destinations and governments around the world.

Journeyable is supported by American Association of People with Disabilities, Untours Foundation and Zero Project, Access to All at St. Cloud State University, Adventure Travel Trade Association, Airports Council International, The Valuable 500, Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association, Easterseals, Beautifully Flawed Foundation and many others devoted to the cause.

About Journeyable

As the global accessible travel association, Journeyable aligns the world's premiere travel experts, businesses and associations to guide and promote the accessibility of travel brands, services and destinations so that anyone with limitations can journey endlessly. With a deep commitment to fostering inclusivity, Journeyable actively works to bridge the gaps in travel accessibility through collaborative efforts with stakeholders across the travel and tourism sectors designed to enhance and diversify travel options, ensuring they meet the varied needs of travelers with mobility, auditory, visual and neurodiverse conditions. Journeyable's vision is a world accessible to all so it champions the necessary adaptations to help ensure every journey is inclusive, respectful and possible for travelers of all abilities. Visit for more information.

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