Reliable and actionable data is key to strategic business planning in the fast-paced world of travel and tourism. To help destinations stay ahead of the curve, Amadeus is the first technology provider in the industry to empower Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) and Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) with a unified business intelligence platform.

Navigator360™ blends together historical and forward-looking hotel, air, and traveler sociodemographic data from Amadeus’ expansive business intelligence suite for a 360° view of the traveler journey. The solution’s intuitive dashboards are designed to help destinations quickly identify what’s happening in their market, including air searches, hotel bookings, emerging traveler segments (business, leisure, etc.), top source markets, visitor profiles (age, gender, nationality etc.), and length of stay.

With this holistic view, DMOs and CVBs can better assess how their market is performing, measure traveler interest and compare performance to shift market share away from competing destinations. And by providing a more accurate prediction of demand and which types of visitors to target and when, it can also be used to revolutionize marketing efforts, plan strategic campaigns, and maximize return on investment.

With these business-centric insights, destinations have all they need to develop successful programs to promote tourism and economic growth. This includes partnering with airlines to open new routes, encouraging hotel development to meet increasing demand, or helping local hospitality businesses promote their goods and services.

“Destinations represent a thriving sector in the travel industry, with DMOs and CVBs playing a vital role in shaping travel trends and attracting tourists,” says Michael Yeomans, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence and Data Solutions, Amadeus. “The invaluable insights found in Navigator360 will help these organizations anticipate the evolving needs of travelers more effectively and stay competitive in the market. We look forward to fostering more collaborative relationships with destinations to drive mutual growth across the travel ecosystem and amplify the wealth of opportunities they offer.”

About Amadeus

Amadeus powers more personalized and authentic travel experiences. Our solutions are designed to enrich every stage of the traveller journey and help hospitality providers acquire, service, and retain guests by profitably driving demand and converting them into loyal fans.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, we design open, cutting-edge software to provide the most efficient, trusted, and reliable systems for our customers. With experts in 175+ countries, we have a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and a desire to enable our hotel partners to create memorable guest experiences.

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