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Richardson, Texas – Visual Matrix, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the hospitality industry, is proud to welcome the number one travel marketing platform, Sojern, as a key integration partner.

The collaboration further expands the advanced capabilities of the company's popular property management system (PMS) by offering hoteliers a cutting-edge integration for streamlining their operations, elevating guest experiences, and increasing direct bookings.

We are excited to partner with Sojern to bring their suite of guest experience solutions to our community of branded and independent hoteliers. This is a great addition to our integrated Visual Matrix Hospitality Operating Platform. Patty Jefferson, Chief Development Officer at Visual Matrix

Hoteliers using the Visual Matrix PMS can now leverage Sojern's easy-to-use marketing platform to cost-effectively find, attract, convert, and engage with guests in the right moments of their travel buying journey, ultimately inspiring them to book directly with the hotels.

Hoteliers will also be able to give their guests a virtual concierge on their phones. Guests can provide feedback in real time to the hotel and get any issues resolved instantly, improving their experience without having to call the front desk. The real-time data gives hotels the ability to provide personalized service and ensure a frictionless experience that guests want.

Baskar Manivannan, Vice President, Guest Experience Solutions, Sojern recently spoke with Visual Matrix about the importance of AI and how it will optimize and continue to automate many areas of hotel operations. You can view the interview with Manivannan here.

Partnering with VisualMatrix, Sojern provides unmatched traveler insights, AI-powered audience targeting, and multichannel digital marketing, all in one platform designed to maximize TRevPAR for hotels. Using Sojern's Guest Experience Solutions, hotels can see a 60-80% reduction in front desk phone calls, eliminate many negative guest reviews, increase Net Promoter Score, drive direct bookings and ancillary revenue. This robust platform combines innovative technology with expert support, driving growth, profitability, and exceptional guest experiences. Baskar Manivannan, Vice President, Guest Experience Solutions, Sojern

Visit here to learn more about the new partnership and the capabilities the Sojern integration adds to the Visual Matrix PMS toolbox.

About Sojern

Sojern is a leading travel marketing platform designed to boost growth and profitability for the travel industry. The Sojern Travel Marketing Platform is a set of easy-to-use software and services that delivers unrivaled traveler insight, intelligent audiences, multichannel activation, and optimization, and a connected guest experience—all in one place. More than 10,000 travel marketers rely on our platform annually to find, attract, convert and engage travelers. Founded in 2007, Sojern is headquartered in San Francisco, California with teams in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.


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About Visual Matrix

More than 3,000 properties in 30+ countries worldwide choose the Visual Matrix hospitality operating platform to optimize hotel operations and serve guests from reservation to return stay. Our system includes a game-changing PMS and housekeeping & maintenance app (MOP) for use with Visual Matrix and most other PMS systems. Our PMS offers powerful features and key integrations that are easy to use, like revenue management with automated rate/discount tiering, a fully integrated channel manager, and a mobile app for tracking performance on the go. MOP automates routine tasks and streamlines communication to keep the front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance staff focused on guests. It also includes a built-in panic button as an Emergency Safety Device to help keep hotel staff from harm. For more information, visit

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