Romantic couple at a fireplace — Photo by Jumia Travel

From a tender age, myself, like many others, dreamed of having my own fireplace. Whether I could end up in a mansion or a little penthouse, for me it was and has always been about a fireplace. The sparks from the burning wood gives a feel of fireworks within your dwelling, and a relaxing ambiance with so much warmth from the burning hearth.

A fireplace can be adorned to create an aesthetic touch to the home, giving a sense of class and comfort to its dwellers in any time period. With a history dating back to the 500 BC as a necessity for human survival, it has evolved over the years from masonry architecture to electric fired designs. This is as a result of the human desire for efficiency and sophistication for both simple and rustic, and highly ornate in-roomand outdoor fireplaces.

Most importantly, I most admire the power of the fireplace to bring families together. Children gather around the mass of burning logs listening to their grandparents tell ancient stories, while the heat keeps the entire house warm. Friends gather to listen to music and others share their life experiences around the hearth. It is one magical place that always gets out the cold from the bodies of those surrounding the fireside and at the same time warming up their hearts and souls. 

Moreover, the fireplace is closely related to romance, mostly seen as a rekindling place for love, like the fire in the fireplace. Couples exhilarate their intimate relationship by the fireside; making known of their fondness for each other and even a notch higher discovering their partners hidden selves. Are you a newlywed planning for your honeymoon? A suitewith a romantic in-room fireplace where you can enjoy a spectacular evening is just the perfect adventure; with the fire sparks initiating an ever so gentle call to engage your passions.

Romance is the definite fan for the love flame and a fireplace is the ultimate terrafirma. Laying out some blankets in front of the fireplace with lights off, romantic background music and a glass of wine at hand would send a strong message of love than one would ever envisage.