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How to Write a Hospitality Resume that Gets Attention

By Grace Carter , Editor at Big Assignment

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There are a lot of jobs available in the hospitality industry, but if you want to get hired by your company of choice then you will need to make sure your resume is up to the task. To get a job with a good company, you need a good resume. Here is your guide to writing a hospitality resume that gets attention.

Resume summary

Your resume summary is all about getting the hiring manager interested. You don't have much time, if you don't get their attention within six seconds, chances are your resume is dead in the water. Your summary should provide a concise accounting of your experience, and basically what you will bring to the position. Low on experience? Don't worry, you can write a resume objective instead. A resume objective is designed to show that, although inexperienced, you are passionate about the industry and prepared to learn and work hard.

Describing your experience

If you've got experience in the hospitality industry, great. If not, just think back on past positions and draw out as many transferable skills as you can. Do you have any volunteer experience that is relevant to the hospitality industry? How about experience using a cash register or working with the public? If you've ever had a job tending bar or waiting tables then those can be useful to your hospitality resume. "Listing and describing these experiences will show a hiring manger that, despite no direct hospitality experience, you do have some of the most important skills they are looking for. Customer service is crucial to the hospitality industry, so if you have experience working with the public, that can be a major asset," advises Laura Fazio, resume editor at EliteAssignmentHelp.

Skills section

It's not enough to just list off your applicable skills, you need to demonstrate them with real world examples. Instead of writing "computer skills," get specific and say "used computer reservation system with 98% accuracy." The more specific, the better. Not only does this give your potential employer a clearer idea of what you've actually used, but you get a chance to show off your efficiency in a job setting. Your skills section is also invaluable to making sure you pass the keyword search programs that are used to screen resumes. If you do not include enough of the keywords, your resume will be screened by a program and will not even reach the hiring manager. Some good skills to include are: accounting, conflict resolution, bilingual, group reservations, and check-in/check-out, among many others. Before including a skill, ask yourself, how does this fit in with the employer's needs?

Should you include a cover letter?

Yes, you should definitely include a cover letter. Your cover letter does not need to be long. In fact, a good hospitality cover letter is short and personal. Use your cover letter to demonstrate you know what they are looking for. Find out who will be receiving your letter and address it to them personally. Share your biggest hospitality achievements and prove you can do the job better than the other applicants. Finally, end with an offer. Something like, "I would love an opportunity to talk with your further about my hospitality experience."

Enhance your resume writing with some online resources

Good writing skills are critical when you're writing a resume. Your goal is to communicate your strengths and experience, and that can be tricky for some people. Don't worry, there are many websites that are available to help.

#1. ViaWriting and WritingPopulist - Grammar is a common struggling point for many people. These grammar resources can help get you up to speed so you can produce a flawless resume.

#2. Resumention - Use this resume writing service to write a prefect resume for the hospitality job you're applying for.

#3. Assignment Help and OxEssays - These online proofreading tools, recommended by Oxessays review, can help you create a professional quality resume that will get you an interview. Nobody likes proofreading, but since it has to be done, have it done right.

#4. MyWritingWay and SimpleGrad - Look into these career writing blogs for ideas and techniques that other writers have used successfully.

#5. Essayroo and Revieweal - Try out these editing tools, they are perfect for creating a resume that does not contain errors and typos.

#6. StudyDemic and LetsGoandLearn - These are writing guides that can walk you through the resume writing process.


If you want a job with a really good hospitality company, you'll be facing some competition. But don't worry, if you write a resume that communicates effectively and demonstrates your proven

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