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Opinion Article21 February 2019

Innovative Hotel Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

By Marie Nieves, Lifestyle Blogger

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Despite the growth of private home bookings through a variety of digital platforms, it seems that the popularity of hotels and their impeccable taste has only grown over time, with 2019 being its peak. However, the evolving landscape of travelers and the diversification of how and why we travel have brought about a slew of wonderful changes within the hotel industry as well. Now, hotels are using their exterior and interior design as one of their main values to offer a unique experience to their visitors.


Let's take a look at a few of the most prevailing trends that will shape 2019 into an intricate tapestry of colorful, funky, and authentic looks that many modern hotels are using to appeal to their traveling guests.

Thinking green thoughts

Life on Earth will never be the same as we know it since the galloping climate changes are drastically changing our access to natural resources. We've caused so much irreparable damage, but some hotels are doing their absolute best to rethink their priorities and make your stay as sustainable and planet-friendly as possible.

A perfect example is North Carolina's Proximity Hotel, setting an example for every single one in the industry with their truly outstanding energy-generating efforts. They not only have a hundred solar panels on the roof, but also an elevator system that generates power for the hotel's refrigeration system. Another perk includes free bikes for rent, to encourage the reduction of the carbon footprint even when you're sightseeing, outside of the hotel.

Eclectic look and feel

You'll find minimalist rooms, function-focused restaurants attached to hotels, and those glamorous, glitzy examples still present in many a travel destination. Few, however, can match the modern time's love for all things timeless, simply beautiful, and meaningful. The emergence of boutique hotels means that there's a new wave of design that brings forth our love for history intertwined with modern elements and functionality.

No establishment sums this eclectic look and feel better than The Old Clare Hotel in Sydney, a treasure trove of charm paired with minimalism into a uniquely vibrant personality. Tucked away into an equally quirky, up-and-coming suburb, it represents the historic values of the community and the warm, welcoming embrace of the locals, without relinquishing its superb balance of elegance and simplicity.

Local and personal

Together with the aforementioned mix of old and new, modern hotels aim to inspire a far more personal commitment between them and their guests. It used to be a true mission impossible to "make yourself at home" when you check into a hotel, but today's design paired with well-trained staff has finally enabled that level of connection to emerge.

Because, when you're in Barcelona, you want to feel that you're in the very heart of Catalonia, absorbing the very essence of their vibrant culture, not because of the chef's menu alone. Casa Bonay is one of those hotels embodying everything that is Barcelona, showing just how that local "vibe" should be done properly through the use of fabric, color schemes, and preserving original architecture in the spirit of the country you're staying in.

Hotels going smart

On the other end of the design spectrum lies our need to advance and move forward. It's no different with hotel designs, as the most successful of them have started implementing the latest tech trends into their hotel architecture. Enabling guests seamless communication, cutting-edge service, and highly functional equipment means you are at the forefront of tech innovation.

Proving that we should never really judge a book by its cover is London's own Eccleston Square Pimlico, nestled in the embrace of a Victorian building, but with such a novel interior that you'd confuse yourself for James Bond. Imagine smart showers, TV screens embedded into the mirrors, keypad-controlled lighting and music, and complementary iPads and smartphones at your disposal for the duration of your stay. Because they can.

Our love for beauty will never wane, but our need for more functional, locally-inspired, and authentic hotels is starting to permeate the design process. You can only expect 2019 to be even more customer-centric and more hotels adapting to meet the needs of globetrotters, in order to stay competitive and provide a stellar service above all else.

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