Cloud technologies date back to the 1950s and we only learned about them during the 90s when "cloud computing" was introduced. Ever since the start of the 2000s, cloud solutions have been adopted commercially with constant growth. When it comes to the hospitality industry, cloud-based hotel PMS solutions are the manifestation of the cloud.

These systems come with many benefits such as cost-saving, greater customer satisfaction, and improved operations. However, there are still a lot of hoteliers that don't use cloud-based hotel PMS tools even though their business would benefit a lot from them. At the same time, there is a new generation of all-in-one cloud PMSs that offer even greater benefits.

Since we are all about "the cloud", let's discuss its benefits and how all-in-one solutions have taken them to a new level.

  • Improved usability and flexibility

With so many systems deployed and a large number of departments, modern hotels have become difficult to manage and they have complex processes. If the hotel PMS is to be the backbone of your daily operations, it needs to do a lot more than just help you manage billing and reservations, don't you agree?

Legacy PMSs are fixed systems, which means that the staff members are constantly stuck at their desks. No matter what information they need about their guests, they have to go back to their computer and this is a very outdated practice. This is especially important when you consider modern guests who want mobile options and want everything to be done simply.

With a cloud-based hotel PMS, the life of hoteliers is made easier. Operations are streamlined and simplified while reducing the need to do things manually. Furthermore, the system can be accessed through any device, anywhere. An all-in-one solution enhances all these capabilities even further, as it offers various integrations within the system and staff members don't need to jump from one software to another.

  • Better user experience

Many web-based hotel PMS solutions come with a lot of functionalities and features. However, all these things come at a high cost - they are complicated to use. This requires extensive employee training that could delay the switch to a cloud hotel property management system and not to mention all the extra costs.

It's difficult on its own to make employees adopt new technologies and change the way they do their jobs and when the process requires extensive effort on their part, they will be even more against the idea.

Even if the employees are able to learn how to use this kind of system, it could drastically decrease their productivity and make their jobs more difficult, which is the opposite of the final goal.

With new all-in-one cloud PMS solutions such as mycloud, the system can be customized to your current operations and change very little in your processes, meaning that employees can easily get used to the new system.

At the same time, these kinds of systems also come with an adjustable interface and every employee can set it up to their preferences.

  • Zero Installation and Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons why so many hoteliers don't make the switch from the Legacy PMS or their current web-based PMS is because they've already gone through the complex process of installing the system and integrating it. This is why they are reluctant to do it again. Cloud solutions always come out on top of legacy PMS when it comes to installation and maintenance costs.

They don't require any hardware equipment, no cooling equipment, or on-site servers, so not only does cloud PMS save money, but it also saves space. However, even though most cloud solutions are easy to install, companies usually need IT professionals to configure them and maintain them.

The new generation of web-based hotel PMS solutions addresses these issues. Their implementation requires no technical knowledge whatsoever and anyone with basic computer knowledge can handle them.

The best features of cloud solutions, therefore, include:

  • Zero CAPEX and no upfront investment
  • Easy to use plans that are pocket-friendly
  • Pay as you use plans that help hoteliers run technology only on OPEX

All the updates, upgrades, and maintenance are done automatically by the provider and there is no need to have an in-house team of IT experts to babysit your system.

Conclusion To sum it up, not all cloud-based hotel PMS solutions are made equal and just because one carries the etiquette "cloud" doesn't mean that it will actually improve your hotel operations.

Your hotel property management system needs to give you all the tools you need to manage data and operations without requiring any additional effort or investment on your part.