It is excellent news that the hospitality industry is thriving. However, over the past few years, travel has undergone significant changes. With the onset of Covid-19, many people had more free time than ever before and took advantage of it to explore new destinations. As a result, there was a surge in leisure travel, with many first-time travelers entering the market.

This influx of guests was a blessing for our industry during an uncertain time. It allowed us to engage with travelers and create memorable experiences they would cherish long after their trip. Sometimes we treat these newer guests as transactions rather than experiences.

To provide an excellent guest experience, we must start with engaging booking processes and provide clean rooms and friendly service upon arrival. Even when benefits are limited due to circumstances beyond our control, hotels that offer critical stay components will ultimately succeed. Hotels that go above and beyond for their guests by providing local information, being patient, and making their hotel stay the best part of their travel experience will undoubtedly see repeat business.

Some brands have done a better job than others in recognizing what is essential to their guests. We must strive to be the easiest to do business with while exceeding our guests’ expectations and desires for exceptional experiences.

In conclusion, sustainable tourism practices play a crucial role in shaping the future of the hospitality industry. By providing authentic experiences that respect local communities and minimize environmental impact, we can attract more tourists while ensuring long-term sustainability for our industry.

Wayne West III, President and Chief Operating Officer
Newport Hospitality Group

Newport Hospitality Group

Founded in 1991, Newport Hospitality Group, Inc. (NHG) is a leading hotel management company specializing in select and full-service hotels. They operate more than 50 hotels across the United States. Their diverse portfolio includes independent boutique hotels and top brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Choice, and IHG. NHG takes pride in delivering superior owner returns, exceptional guest experiences, and rewarding hospitality careers. Services include new hotel development and acquisitions, local market sales, revenue management, purchasing, and capital renovation.

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