ILC INDIE Congress San Francisco: The Pinnacle of Hospitality Innovation — Photo by Puzzle Partner Ltd.

There has been some noise lately concerning San Francisco, but the times they are changing. San Francisco has always had the ability to envision beyond the obvious, repurposing and revitalizing with an eye to the future. If this dynamic city can morph a segment of its downtown into an enchanting rooftop garden, one can't help but imagine the endless possibilities that await its urban core. So, this location personifies what the ILC is all about. We are constantly innovating, always striving for a better community of hotel and hospitality professionals, and essentially, we want to do the right thing.

This October, San Francisco is set to host one of the most innovative events in the world of hospitality: The Independent Lodging Congress (ILC INDIE Congress). A nexus for visionaries thought leaders, and passionate independent hotel groupies, the Congress promises an unparalleled experience, giving attendees an opportunity to connect, learn, and delve deep into the ever-evolving world of independent lodging.

At its core, the INDIE Congress is designed to spark conversation, it’s designed to be provocative, and, most importantly, it is designed to ensure that we all learn from each other. The Congress is no ordinary event as we try to do things a little differently. When we were last in NY at the Graduate Hotel in Roosevelt Island, we spent one early morning riding around on e-bikes. As today’s guests want a more experientially oriented trip, we too like to do the same for our attendees.

On the inaugural day of the event, attendees are treated to the much-anticipated Immersive Experience – an enriching walking tour spanning three distinct stops that showcase art, community, and hospitality. Consider it an 'adult field trip', offering a delightful introduction to San Francisco and an opportunity to forge early connections before delving into the conference itself. This year, we're excited to guide you through San Francisco's vibrant Mission District, a hub of culture and color.

Beyond the confines of the amazing Argonaut Hotel, the city of San Francisco awaits. It is no coincidence that the INDIE Congress chose San Francisco as its venue. Much like the congress, the town is a blend of history, innovation, and culture, but at this time, it needs our support, and we are here for the businesses and residents of this great city.

For those who might want to extend their stay or find pockets of leisure amidst the packed congress schedule, San Francisco offers a plethora of experiences. However, rather than visiting the touristy spots like Alcatraz, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Fisherman’s Wharf, to name a few, here are some things to do that are off the beaten path:

  • Visit the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Take a peek at the Chinese bronze sculptures, the best collection outside of Asia, as well as the centuries-old Hindu deity statues.
  • Snap photos of the 16th Avenue Tiled Step Project. Located on Moraga Street in Golden Gate Heights, the 16th Avenue Tiled Step Project is a beautiful work of urban art. For two years, from 2003-2005, the steel steps were mosaicked with the pure intention of making them more beautiful; this is certainly the most photogenic staircase you are going to find in the city.
  • Tuck into street food at District Six SF. District Six SF, formerly known as Soma StrEat Food Park, is a lifestyle space with outdoor gyms and a barbershop alongside food trucks and pop-ups serving global cuisine.
  • Sing karaoke at Festa in Japantown. This intimate karaoke bar is tucked away in the Kinokuniya Mall in Japantown. There are more than 150,000 songs in multiple languages to choose from at $2 each.

The INDIE Congress isn't just an event—it's an experience that transcends conventional conferences' boundaries. Paired with the allure of San Francisco, it's an unmissable opportunity for anyone passionate about hospitality. Whether you’re looking to broaden your horizons, forge meaningful connections, or simply immerse yourself in the world of independent lodging, the INDIE Congress in San Francisco is where you need to be this October. We hope to see you there.

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