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Hotel software made in Germany.

protel is the hotel PMS and platform pioneer with over 14,000 hotel customers in 90+ countries. protel’s enterprise hospitality platform - based around the enterprise service bus, protel.I/O, and the cloud-based PMS, protel AIR - is a breakthrough for the industry. It’s the only technology that allows hotels with multiple integrations to aggregate all specialist technology behavior to an intermediate level, accessible directly from within the PMS.

Now, via the protel MARKETPLACE, hotels have a secure, vendor-neutral, open infrastructure to store, access, integrate, and use their data from any guest touchpoint in real-time. As a result, hotel CEO’s, CIO’s and CMO’s can take control of their technology infrastructure and create best of breed ecosystems that deliver best-in-class guest experiences. protel’s global headquarters were established over 25 years ago in Dortmund, Germany, and U.S. headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Ingo Dignas

CEO & Co-Founder at Protel

Manfred Osthues

Managing Partner at protel

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Senior VP Global Business Technology at protel hotelsoftware

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Vice President Business Development at protel hotelsoftware GmbH