Protel (PMS)

Protel (PMS)

protel's cloud- and server-based Property Management Systems make your life as a hotelier more pleasant. No more frustration due to complex software. protel powers your hotel with a modern and easy to use PMS for an enhanced guest experience, made in Germany. With 25 years of industry experience and customers in 90+ countries, we are the #hoteltech pioneers providing you with a stable and flexible solution for your business.

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6 Reasons Why The protel Cloud PMS Will Save Hotels From Post-COVID Extinction | By Linda Vallner

28 August 2020 — Let's start by asking ourselves if there ever will be a post-COVID era - has the world not changed so much that we will one day look back and consider the time to be either before or after "VIRUS AWARENESS" became a global phenomenon? The time hospitality showed its resiliency, the time we went to virus-war and won.
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We think that simplifying the integration process, making it rapid and reliable while reducing costs, will lead to the industry innovation breakthroughs that have long been promised. Allowing hotels to pick, mix and test cutting-edge technologies across the whole group, combining existing solutions with new functions from vendors otherwise outside their practical reach, will invigorate the market.