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protel, a global powerhouse in the hotel software market, and Eynav, an industry leader in comprehensive computing services for hotels, have teamed up to bring powerful PMS technology to the Israeli hospitality market.

The Israeli information technology market is currently dominated by only a select few suppliers, meaning that hoteliers are very limited when it comes to finding the best-of-breed technology solution for the needs of their specific property.

“Eynav has an exceptional reputation not only in Israel but globally. The fact that they chose protel to partner with really speaks to their relentless commitment to providing world-class hospitality technology solutions. I am confident that this partnership will add genuine business value to the hospitality community of Israel,” says Linda Vallner, VP, Business Development at protel hotelsoftware.

“The partnership between a leading technology provider like protel, and a professional family-run company with experience and knowledge of the industry, will provide the Israeli hospitality market great opportunity to improve the use of technology and guest service, we appreciate protel for the investment in the Israeli market,” says Moti Bauberg, Founder & CEO of Eynav.

protel and Eynav are closely aligned on the following fronts which directly benefit the Israeli hospitality community as a whole. Together they will provide:

  • The most advanced, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art hospitality technology solutions
  • Tailor-made solutions to accommodate every property’s unique requirements
  • 24/7 World-class customer service

protel and Eynav have 45 collective years of experience in the hospitality sector, servicing over 20,000+ hoteliers globally. They provide a wide variety of technology solutions including, multi-property, cloud, apps, event management, and 1200+ integrations.

If you would like to find out more about this partnership and the opportunities it will create for the hospitality community in Israel, reach out to protel or Eynav.

About protel | Hotel software made in Germany

protel solutions form a robust technology stack for all hotel business types, with a worldwide team of local partners to support it. The ground-breaking app store, accessible directly via the protel PMS, has rapidly changed the way hotels and their technology vendors do business.

Formed 25 years ago in Dortmund, Germany, shaped by one of the most dynamic overseas investment markets in the world, the beating heart of this modern software company serves only hospitality.

The first cloud-native PMS and apps went live in 2009, and two consecutive Olympic villages - "the largest hotels on Earth" - were built on protel. Operations expanded internationally to over 90 countries, leading to branch offices in Dubai, Vienna, and Atlanta. Currently, more than 14,000 hotels worldwide choose to power their business with protel.

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About Eynav | Information Technology for Hoteliers

Eynav was founded in 2003 and is based in Israel, Eynav is focused on hospitality only. Eynav has a presence in Israel and Europe and provides hotels with a full suite of IT support and hospitality solutions, Eynav’s team of hospitality experts understands the business needs of hoteliers very well. Eynav’s team is highly knowledgeable when it comes to the hospitality industry, the solutions, and the opportunities. Eynav has experience in projects and support providing hoteliers with leading technology solutions, Eynav is a warm, familial company, which values caring, giving, responsibility, and humanity. Our clients know and appreciate that.

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