Logo 'HVS International'HVS is the world's leading consulting and services organization focused on the hotel, restaurant, shared ownership, gaming, and leisure industries. Established in 1980, the company performs more than 2,000 assignments per year for virtually every major industry participant. HVS principals are regarded as the leading professionals in their respective regions of the globe. We are client driven, entrepreneurial, and dedicated to providing the best advice and services in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Through a worldwide network of 30 offices staffed by 400 seasoned industry professionals, HVS provides an unparalleled range of complementary services for the hospitality industry.
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Brian Arevalo

Director with HVS, oversees the Cincinnati consulting and valuation division

Erich Baum

Senior Vice President at HVS

Bhavna Bhatia

Director of HVS Executive Search and leads the practice for the Middle East and Africa region

Niraj Bhavsar

Project Manager, Houston

Brian F. Bisema

Managing Director and Partner of HVS Boston

Katy Black

Director at HVS Denver

David R. Bone

Director of Business Development

Jens Busch

Vice President at HVS Executive Search and based in Macau, China

Hok Yean Chee

Regional President of HVS Asia Pacific

Rodney G. Clough

President - HVS Americas, Denver

Bethany Cronk

Senior Vice President at HVS Denver

Kathleen D. Donahue

Senior Vice President at HVS

Luc Espaillard

Associate Consulting & Valuation HVS

Michael Farbman

Project Manager, HVS Boston

Neil J. Flavin

Senior Vice President at HVS

Joseph Hansel

Research Analyst at HVS Convention, Sports, & Entertainment Facilities Consulting

Brittany Hart

Project Manager with the HVS Colorado office

Thomas A. Hazinski

Managing Director of HVS Convention, Sports, & Entertainment Facilities Consulting in Chicago

Brad Hoban

Senior Project Manager, Tampa

Simon Hulten

Senior Associate, London

Emil Iskandar

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets, Los Angeles

Roth Johnson

Project Manager with HVS Boston

Russell Kett

Chairman at HVS - London Office

Florian Kittler

Managing Director-Europe & Asia Pacific, London

Chariss Kok Xin

Manager with HVS Singapore

Gary L Johnson

Vice President with HVS Miami and the firm’s Shared Ownership Services division

Mandeep S Lamba

MRICS, President (South Asia), New Delhi

Peggy Lee

Analyst with HVS Singapore

Chelsey Leffet

Senior Vice President and head of the Washington, D.C. HVS Consulting & Valuation office

Brandon Leversee

Vice President with HVS Detroit

Daniel MacDonnell

Managing Director for HVS Capital Markets

Daniel MacDonnell

Managing Director for HVS Capital Markets

Ryan Mark

Senior Project Manager at HVS Denver

Hala Matar Choufany

President for HVS Middle East, Africa & South Asia and Managing Partner of HVS Dubai

Ajay Mehtani

Senior Vice President Asset Management South Asia at HVS Anarock

Dipti Mohan

Senior Manager - Research, New Delhi

Shannon S. Okada

Managing Director of Gaming with HVS

Emeldina Paratusic

Project Manager, Miami

Shaffer Patrick

Analyst at HVS Hodges Ward Elliott, London office

Sophie Perret

Director at the HVS London office

Scott P. Rosenberg

Principal at HVS Design and President of Nehmer

Monique Rosszell

Managing Director at HVS Toronto

Shannon L. Sampson

Senior Vice President and Director of South Texas

Sarah Schehade

Associate at HVS Toronto

Amy Schmidt

Senior Project Manager, Chicago

Glenn Skolnick

Senior Vice President, New York

Michael Smithson

Senior Project Manager at HVS Phoenix

Janet L. Snyder

Senior Vice President and Director at HVS Asheville

Kyndall Wiedrich

Project Manager

Court Williams

CEO Executive Search at HVS New York