Kennedy Training Network (KTN)

Kennedy Training Network (KTN) Kennedy Training Network (KTN) is the lodging industry"s best source for customized hotel training workshops, conference presentations, and private individual hotel team webinars. KTN specializes in reservations sales, hospitality and guest service excellence, hotel sales training, and front desk upselling and profit optimization. KTN is also a leading provider of hotel telephone mystery shopping for hotel brands, management companies, and individual hotels from all market segments.

KTN Introduces E.P.I.C Hospitality™ Training

This is the first in my series of five train-the-trainer articles based on the content of KTN's newest on-site hospitality training program. When I'm on the road conducting hospitality industry training or presenting at conferences, most hoteliers I speak with clearly understand that hospitality and guest service excellence are more important than ever before in the history of the lodging industry.


Doug Kennedy

President of the Kennedy Training Network

Cathy Cook

Executive Director of Training & Development at Kennedy Training Network