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Hotels Are Guilty Until Proven Guilty With Online Reviews

By Larry Mogelonsky

Even now at the asset manager level for a luxury boutique hotel, I still find myself evaluating online reviews on TripAdvisor, Expedia and other major third-party rating services, both because I understand their influence with guests and also as a quality control measure.

Modernizing The Minibar

By Larry Mogelonsky

Take a moment and imagine the typical minibar in a traditional big box hotel. Stocked with the basic assortment of national beers, a few half-bottles of wine for some plonky mass-produced label, some one-shot servings of the most common hard liquor brands and perhaps a bite or two of sugary snacks, this isn't doing your property any favors.


Indonesia is the Next China for the Hospitality Industry

By Larry Mogelonsky

Right now, we are all still talking about the rapid growth of China and to a lesser extend India, Russia and Brazil under the collective banner of BRIC. Their evolution into capitalistic territories has presented countless lucrative prospects for hospitality organizations both big and small.


The (almost) human TripAdvisor

Recently, I was approached by general manager with a highly irregular issue concerning his hotel’s listing on TripAdvisor. That man is Mark Sample, and his property is the Ocean Sands Beach Inn in St.

How hotels can use YPlan

A ways back, I shared my thoughts on the then-new smartphone app HotelTonight, which allowed users to make quick, same-day bookings at properties in whatever city they were presently located. I argued that even though this app pandered to the OTA crowd, it was not a proponent for guestroom commoditization.


Larry Mogelonsky

Managing Director Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited