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Vertical Booking USA is a leading, global reservation technology provider with hotel clients in more than 118 countries worldwide, offering solutions translated into 29 different languages and usable in all currencies. No matter the size of the property or group, Vertical Booking USA can provide a customizable reservation solution that supports the entire guest booking cycle, including a booking engine, GDS distribution, channel manager, OTA rate comparison tool and a reservation call center application, all through one unique dashboard. Because the solutions are module-based, hotels can customize the platform to only pay for the tools needed, keeping the suite of products affordable for everything from small boutique hotels to large groups and independent chains. Vertical Bookings USA’s solutions eliminate manual reservation input, inventory tracking and are fully integrated using two-way XML connection, to ensure access to real-time reservation data.


Booking Engine

Central Reservation Office Application (CRO)

Channel Manager

GDS Connectivity

Metasearch Management Tool

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Mark Lewis-Brown

CEO & President of Vertical Booking USA

Mark Lewis-Brown

CEO & President