TripteaseTriptease is a SaaS startup building industry-leading software for the hotel industry. The company was co-founded in 2015 by Charlie Osmond, Alasdair Snow and Alexandra Zubko and has offices in London, New York and Singapore. Triptease's most recent funding was lead by British Growth Fund alongside Notion Capital and Episode 1. The Triptease Platform is built to help hotels take back control of their distribution and increase their direct revenue. The platform identifies a hotel's most valuable guests then works across the entire customer journey - from acquisition to conversion - to make sure they book directly at the hotel.

How is coronavirus impacting hotel booking lead times?

By Rob Funnell

Despite the global increase in nationwide lockdowns and inbound travel restrictions, some demand for hotel rooms still remains. And while there is no sugar-coating the fact that hotels in almost every country have suffered a steep drop in occupancy due to COVID-19, it is crucial that hotels keep focusing on the pockets of opportunity that present themselves.

Hotels in crisis can still win: How to adjust strategies without jeopardizing your future

By Alisa Voitika

The rise of Chinese travel in the last two decades means that the proportion of travelers affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has surpassed the 2003 SARS health crisis. But the hospitality industry has been through crises before - and proved that hotels that made smart strategic decisions can come out winners in the long-term.


Attribute Based Shopping - A blessing or a bane?

— Charlie Osmond

While attribute based shopping has been discussed for over 10 years, the level of noise about its application for the hotel industry has significantly increased in the last 18 months. After significant investment in new systems and technology, companies like IHG are tipping their toes in the ABS waters.

Is Rate Leakage a problem for hotels?

— Charlie Osmond

Wholesalers who have negotiated discounted rates with the hotel under the pretext of needing wholesale rates to bundle with air or local activities, etc. into packages, and then leak the discounted rates "naked" online-primarily via the OTAs or their initiatives like Booking.

Product Feature

Triptease increases direct bookings by 35% with Price Check

Travel SaaS start-up Triptease has seen direct bookings for its hotel clients shoot up 35% on average across Europe and the Americas. 300 properties have integrated the smart 'Price Check' widget since its launch in January and the company is currently adding new hotel groups at an increasing rate.


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