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Bring high-value, high-return guests back to book direct even after they've left your website.

Convince undecided guests with targeted, price-led ads powered by data from your website and algorithms trained on thousands of hotels around the world. With our precision retargeting, you can show live prices to guests based on their unique search - even when they're not on your website.

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What hotels can learn from Hong Kong's response to COVID-19

17 March 2020 — The hotel industry is facing a generational crisis at the hands of COVID-19, and it will likely get worse before it gets better. However, even during these hard times, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to rapid responses, many countries in Asia are already starting to see a recovery in their hotels’ direct bookings, and are regaining control and predictability around their digital marketing strategies.
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Bringing the right customers to your website is only half the journey. Use personalized experiences and dynamic messaging to dramatically increase your conversion rate.

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Reach the most valuable guests first. Take control of your own traffic acquisition to identify and convert high-value guests.