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Predictive Personalization and How It’s Revolutionizing Hospitality

By Juanjo Rodriguez

The concept of leveraging technology to improve the user experience and increase hotel revenue simultaneously is what we call Predictive Personalization. It's a two-step process whereby you apply machine learning techniques to understand user behavior, and then personalize his or her experience by automatically presenting the best content and offers for that individual.


Artificial Intelligence… Where could and should AI be adopted in our industry?

— Juanjo Rodriguez

Artificial intelligence is rapidly moving from the laboratory and into business and consumer applications. The result is a fundamental shift in how software is built, and what it's capable of doing. And while we're still a way off from the artificial general intelligence portrayed in the movies, artificial narrow intelligence is a reality that's already powering some of the most successful technology businesses today, including Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple.


The Hotels Network launches Inliners, the easiest way to personalize your website with native content

The Hotels Network, a hotel technology company who pioneered the concept of Predictive Personalization, has announced the launch of its latest product innovation: Inliners. The focus of this release is to take website personalization to the next level by enabling hotel brands to embed messages directly into the page, resulting in an inline design that is intentionally more subtle.


Juanjo Rodriguez

Founder and CEO, The Hotels Network