SuitePad TV Control

SuitePad TV Control
SuitePad GmbH

Hotel room TV controls are a common source of frustration for hotel staff. Their batteries are constantly flat, they are easily lost in the room, and they harbor high amounts of bacteria in the crevices between the buttons. Our SuitePad TV Control solution overcomes all of these problems. Guests can easily and intuitively browse TV channels by the language of their choice. As the solution is integrated into the SuitePad tablet, it won"t be lost in the room or ever have a flat battery and is easy to keep free of bacteria and dirt.

Other Products

Digital Guest Directory

Our digital guest directory replaces the traditional paper-based guest folder with a dynamic, digital alternative that can be updated remotely and provides guests with a modern interactive experience.

SuitePad BYOD

Our BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) solution allows hotels to offer their guests access to the SuitePad frontend before they arrive at the hotel via an in-browser solution. Guests can check out activities to do in the local area, find information about the hotel, and explore what the SuitePad solution has to offer before they even arrive on the premises.

SuitePad Phone

SuitePad Phone is our integrated hotel room telephone solution. It uses VoIP technology, enabling hotels to replace their analog solution with a faster, more modern, and more cost-effective alternative.