Stand-Alone LTE Panic Button

The React Mobile Stand-Alone LTE panic button is an all-in-one solutioncapable of protecting employees both on and off property without theneed for a tethered smart device.

Our stand-alone panic button has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a robust,simple wearable device that staff can access quickly and discreetly to call for help when assistance is needed. Unlike our Bluetooth panic button, it does not need a pairedmobile device and is instead capable of connecting to the available cellular network. The panic button device consists of a small slim form factor, running on internal firmware.This device is capable of longevity (life) expectations that far exceed standard panic button devices.

Key Features:

Latest generation ARM Cortex M4 processor paired to a cortex M0+ BLE radio.

Utilizes a9160 Nordic chipset driving an HCI interface toa 52811 NRF chipset.

Single-button interface with positive clickfeedback in a form factor that conforms to thehand.

Housing is military-grade ABS composite (IP53 resistant to water and dust intrusion) with low propagation properties to allow the BLE to function at peak performance efficiency.

Power: Always on.

Drop-resistant up to 10 meters.

Tricolor pipe RGB LED that is tunable to customer needs for specific feature requests.

Field upgradeable firmware via OAD/OTA firmware updates.

Reverse compatible to all previous versions ofour applications.

Compatible with third-party hardware.

Works across the broad spectrum of 900 -2000 MHZ.

Connects via LTE-CAT M1, NBIOT,2G, 3G & 4G.

A next-generation rechargeable battery technology that provides rapid and wireless charging via Qi charging pad: battery life 6 months between charges.

Multiple color options are available.

All of our products have been designed to use similar components and modules for optimized and streamlined manufacturability, available in any quantity.

Dimensions: 35mm wide x 79mm tall.

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