B&W Certification Scheme

Re-engineering the Hospitality Industry.

Radical social, economic and cultural changes are in progress since second half of 2019 due to COVID19. The hospitality industry is facing a big challenge, and in order to survive, has to change immediately and radically. Additional services should be added in the day to day business, and new rules have to put in place, during daily operation.

The B&W qualification criteria, is an Innovative management & assessment tool, which is setting up the base for such radical changes.

The innovation of B&W, consists of create a New operational department, interfacing with the traditional ones (reception, housekeeping, restaurant, administration, etc..), the so called B&W Service Department, dealing directly with the Guests and Visitors Health care safety, in every hospitality structure.

A new kind of activities will be incorporated on a permanent basis, in the daily operation of the hospitality structure.

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