Cloud or on premise, the choice is yours

Whether your needs dictate a cloud solution or an on-premise implementation, Maestro offers a robust, PCI secure, feature identical, stable solution for any environment.

Available as a browser-based (hosted or self-hosted) solution or as an on-premise addition to your existing network infrastructure managed locally by your trusted IT team. On-premise and self-hosted can be deployed as browser-based, Windows, or a hybrid of both simultaneously!

Regardless of which implementation model you choose, rest assured that you are investing in the leading PMS for independents and multi-property groups. Should you wish to switch from Cloud to on-premise or vise versa, there are no licensing fees to switch.

Deployment Options

Maestro"s minimum specifications for hardware and operating platforms for the various deployment options available;

  • On-premise using Maestro Windows (Client/Server install)
  • On-premise using Maestro Web (browser-based install, browser access only)
  • On-premise hybrid using both Maestro Windows & Maestro Web
  • Self-hosted using Maestro Windows and/or Maestro Web
  • Cloud hosted using Maestro"s Cloud Services (browser access only)
  • System Requirements
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