Maestro Examines What Independent Hoteliers Want from their PMS’ in 2023 — Photo by NORTHWIND-Maestro

MARKHAM, Ontario - Maestro PMS, the hospitality industry’s most trusted and proven provider of cloud and on-premises Web and Mobile property-management systems, is entering the new year with a fresh perspective on what hoteliers want from their mission-critical property systems. Coming off the heels of its Annual User Conference, Maestro team members spoke to customers to gain insight into their wants, needs, likes and dislikes related to training, operations optimization, product features/functionality, deployment flexibility and the role of the PMS to help them maintain close relationships with guests.

Maestro has been developing innovative hospitality software for more than 45 years. We build advanced, flexible technology and maintain an unrivaled dedication to customer service. Maestro has been in the market as a privately held organization longer than most PMS system providers and our platform is mature, stable, and proven. The sophistication achieved with a long history of working with clients and recognizing market demands has allowed us to offer an innovative and robust all-in-one solution rare in the marketplace. With a leadership team passionate about technology innovation, Maestro’s Cloud, Web and mobile solutions are – and always will be – leading edge. Audrey MacRae, Maestro vice president

We believe in providing not only the software hospitality operators need to be successful, but the integral services to back it up and ensure it is always at optimum performance and clients are thriving, MacRae said. We support this through a commitment to protecting our client's investment, demonstrated by listening to our customers and incorporating their input into our roadmap for the development of our software and delivery of our services. We are providing what they need, the way they ask for it.

What do hoteliers say they want from their PMS in 2023 and beyond? Here are the Top 5 responses:

  1. Intuitive software that is easy to use and widely adaptable with flexible training options.
  2. Technology that is continually enhanced based on customers’ request and free upgrades to new versions.
  3. Cloud hosting in “any” cloud for easy accessibility, accommodation of corporate IT environments and increased security.
  4. Open APIs and easy integration to trending third party systems to keep their solution robust.
  5. Support of touch and mobile devices to streamline service and engagement.

The good news for hoteliers is that this PMS functionality ‘wish list’ already exists within Maestro PMS, MacRae said. Our software is always NEW because it’s always evolving and it is geared to help independent hoteliers generate more revenue, create a productive working environment, and maximize staff efficiencies. Based on customer feedback, and the constant demand for the Maestro solutions out in the market, we are meeting their needs … but don’t just take our word for it. Here are comments from customers discussing what they like best about Maestro.

  • Cloud Based & Responsive
Previously, our hotel used to have an on-premises PMS with a physical server located in our hotel, but Maestro’s cloud services won us over. What attracted me to their system the most is the all-in-one concept at work throughout the program that helps me run the hotel’s day-to-day operations, as well as their direct support. We had many instances where Maestro’s live chat came in very useful, such as moments where a guest was physically in front of us, and we were unable to complete a transaction, a credit card would not be accepted, or a reservation was lost. Within 30 seconds of opening the chat session we were able to resolve the entire issue, all while the guest was patiently waiting, which speaks to how fast and efficient Maestro’s live chat help is. Benjamin Elgrably, General Manager at Bay Pointe Inn Resort

Maestro is platform independent, and therefore it can host a hotel’s PMS in the Maestro Cloud, on-premises with the server onsite, or self-hosted by the hotel in its own cloud all with the same Maestro functionality, support for integrations, and ease of access through a Web browser. This autonomy is transparent to the end user. If self-hosting works today but is not optimal tomorrow, hoteliers can simply switch their hosting status without penalty. At Maestro, cloud hosting is synonymous with convenience. No matter which deployment option operators choose, each will support a safe and secure digital guest experience with the latest mobile, contactless, and web-based technologies including our extensive integration and API libraries to enhance the guest journey.

  • Modern & Mobile
The fact that Maestro [allows users] to move between pages and windows at any time is very helpful. We are now using mobile tools… and are preparing to introduce digital registration cards, which will enable the guests to register before their arrival, making the check-in process much faster and smoother. [Hotels] need to find new ways of using the staff that we have in a more efficient way. The contactless options that Maestro offers enable us to activate our staff in ways other than sitting at the desk and constantly putting information into the system. Features such as self-check-in also help with operations in a number of ways. Isabela Todorov, Front Office Manager and Corporate Master Trainer at Cape Resorts

Maestro’s mobile check-in/-out and digital registration options speed service and get guests in and out of their rooms quicker. Its GuestXMS guest and staff SMS/text messaging tool provides labor benefits, from post check-in messages for guests to addressing guest concerns throughout their stays without forcing them to visit or phone the front desk. GuestXMS encompasses on-site staff text messaging, guest surveys, a 24/7 chat concierge, incident and case management actionable dashboards and reputation/guest sentiment analysis to blanket the entire guest journey.

  • Customizable & Efficient
We've been with Maestro for several years, and we've seen how the company has developed and added new features over time, including adding features we've asked for or adjusting an existing feature to meet our needs. Maestro can customize, up to a certain point, what you need to run your operation efficiently. I personally use Maestro’s web-based PMS on my hotel’s desktop, but some users choose to access the traditional Maestro Windows system depending on what they are doing. This allows us as operators to leave it up to the individual worker to decide what they're most comfortable using. Larry Weiss, Controller at The Olde Mill Inn and Grain House Restaurant

Maestro’s Web browser-based systems give operators the freedom to control their properties from anywhere and use a variety of devices, something that has become a necessity due to limitations on available labor and the growing need for operational flexibility. With interdepartmental and cross-property staff communications capabilities, guest self-service tools, advanced rate and yield management and reputation management, as well as an all-in-one multi-module approach to managing all facets of the operation in a single, centralized system, Maestro’s Web browser-based system has the right suite of tools to improve efficiency and agility.

  • Supportive & Caring
Maestro's support and sales teams are all very customer focused. I've worked with partners at previous properties that treat you almost like a test case. These [companies] are simply there to quickly answer a question or pass you off to another team member that might be able to help. By comparison, Maestro's support team and other team members really follow through with assisting operators with any challenges they are having. They walk you through the steps, make efforts to connect with you, and not just fix the problem, but help to ensure that the problem doesn't continue to happen. Cory Nuckolls, Director of Guest Services at Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center

Maestro is known industrywide for its Diamond Plus Service. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services and tools designed to maximize operational efficiency and staff productivity backed by a 24/7 call center; free version upgrades; on-demand live one-on-one refresher training; in-application live chat, online user guides, tutorials, and direct email support; complimentary live learning webinars; an e-Learning user website; and professional productivity audits.

The success of our clients is the motivating force behind every action at Maestro, MacRae said. Our roadmap for 2023 is relevant and exciting. We will continue to listen and engage with our clients to supply the technology tools to help them better serve their guests and contribute to their bottom line. The takeaway is this: Maestro is NEW today, and it will be NEW tomorrow.

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Maestro is the preferred Web Browser based cloud and on-premises PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups. Maestro’s PCI certified and EMV ready enterprise system offers a Web browser version (or Windows) complete with 20+ integrated modules on a single database, including mobile and contactless apps to support a digitalized guest journey as well as staff operations. Maestro’s sophisticated solutions empower operators to increase profitability, drive direct bookings, centralize operations, and engage guests with a personalized experience from booking to check out and everything in between. For over 40 years Maestro’s Diamond Plus Service has provided unparalleled 24/7 North American based support and education services to keep hospitality groups productive and competitive. Click here for more information on Maestro. Click here to get your free PMS Buying guide.

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